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What the Mayor doesn't want to talk about




Alice Springs Mayor Damien Ryan is trying to keep the lid on events within the council which occurred since last Friday. Information about the draft Budget was withheld – unnecessarily – from the public for three days, and there are indications that a serious rift has developed between the Mayor and the majority of the councillors. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: The draft Budget document – kept under wraps for three days.

LETTER: Will compulsory rehabilitation stand up in court?

Lynne Walker, Labor Shadow Attorney General, writes she called on Attorney General John Elferink to release the legal advice that his alcohol laws will stand up to an appeal.

Alice's heart of commerce battles slump




Not all is well in the beating heart of industry and commerce, Alice's Industrial Area, according to its big players and small, saying business is in a slump. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Taps Tubs and Tiles is taking a glass half full approach. Saleswoman Janet Svikart explains kitchen and bathroom items attracting Alice Water Smart rebates.

6% town council rate rise proposed





Alice Springs Town Council rates are proposed to go up 6%, lower than last year's rise which was 7%. The proposed minimum rate is $1083. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photo: Mayor Damien Ryan at this morning's announcement to the media of the proposed 2013/14 town council budget.

Money gets Camel Cup over the hump




Camels will be racing for money for the first time on Camel Cup Day in Alice Springs next month, and their owners are loving it. They will be coming from three states. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photo: Trophies won by Peter Hodge on the Queensland circuit. The jockey is Rachael Woodham who lives in Gembrook, Victoria, and will be coming to race for Mr Hodge in Alice Springs.

Town camp artists do it their way

They are a group of people about whom much is said and written by others, but here is chance to see residents of the Alice Springs town camps express themselves in their own images and words. They tell us about daily life, spirit life, memory, reflection, aspiration. There is humour, affection, yearning, delight, pride. Two Alice Springs art centres, Tangentyere Artists and Yarrenyty Arltere Artists, have combined to present this exhibition, Our Way, Their Way, at RAFT Artspace. KIERAN FINNANE reviews.

Pictured: No Trouble Here? by Sally Mulda.

Secure care facility opened in Alice



The secure care facility initially intended to be built on the Ross River Highway, sparking an outcry of nearby residents, has now been completed near the Alice Springs gaol on the South Stuart Highway. Photo: Yard with gazebo. The cylindrical top of the fences rotates, making climbing over it more difficult.

Police review investigation into homes fiasco

Police are reviewing the investigation into the failed Frampton New Homes scheme in the wake of the trial of Randal Carey, ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

LETTER: The kindness of Alice Springs to a stranger

My overwhelming sense of Alice Springs will be that it is filled with kind strangers – you should be proud, writes Di Websdale-Morrissey of Melbourne.

Prickly invaders in the Telegraph Station put up a fight



A new assault on prickly invaders into the Telegraph Station National Park is under way.
The coral cactus (Clyindropuntia fulgida), also known as the boxing glove cactus, has infected about 12 hectares of the park, and a treatment trial has brought limited results. The kill is taking twice as long as a similar treatment in Queensland, where the method has been pioneered. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Housing scheme victims speak after Carey is sentenced





It's been a long time coming – three years – but there was only partial satisfaction for victims when Randal Carey was sentenced to gaol this morning. KIERAN FINNANE reports. PHOTO: Victims Alan Fisher and Denyse Thornton leave the court.


Builder Carey gets 3 years in gaol, suspended after 12 months

Discount given for cooperation with authorities on further enquiries


Randal Carey, the builder in the failed Frampton New Homes scheme, was sentenced this morning to three years in gaol, to be suspended after 12 months. Mr Carey, who has been in custody since last Tuesday, did not show any visible emotion as guards led him away. He appeared to have no friends or family in court. His lawyer was appearing by video link from Darwin and said he would talk his client through the sentence by phone. KIERAN FINNANE reports. Photo: Victims of the scheme, Amanda and Trent Abbott, and the youngest two of their six children, Ruby, 2, and Ashton, 4, were in court this morning.

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