Saturday, October 31, 2020

The freedom of the press still furnishes that check upon government which no constitution has ever been able to provide – Chicago Tribune.

Town Council on youth: immediate action or look to longer term?

By KIERAN FINNANE Councillor Marli Banks wants what the public is clamouring for but our governments seem incapable of producing: an immediate practical step to curb the antisocial and criminal behaviour of some young people...


The queen of desert fruit

By Dr FIONA WALSH Quandongs are one of the first bush foods my Mum gave me. When a skinny kid I met the skinny trees. My mum grew up eating Quandongs on ‘Murrum’, a sheep...

Assault figures worsen

By ERWIN CHLANDA Assault figures in Alice Springs have worsened, according to police statistics. They show that in the year ending July 2020 assaults had increased 12% over the previous year while in the following month...


Zachary Rolfe will stand trial for murder

UPDATED Northern Territory police constable Zachary Rolfe has been committed to stand trial for the murder of Kumanjayi Walker in Yuendumu on 9 November last year. Judge John Birch announced his decision – that there is...


Gunner’s great gas hope ‘collapses’

Gas analyst for the Institute of Energy, Economics and Financial Analysis, BRUCE ROBERTSON in this OpEd says as export partners pull out, Origin and Inpex keep kicking the gas can down the road. Ask anyone...

Council must lead on youth crime, fund drop-in centre: Marli Banks

By ERWIN CHLANDA A councillor will challenge the town’s local government tonight to not only to become a leader in the fight against juvenile crime, but to put money into outfitting a building as a...

As the government is failing, all eyes are on the council

COMMENT by ERWIN CHLANDA Something terrible will happen if nothing is done. That's been the public fear for a long time in response to the rising incidence of young people joyriding dangerously in stolen cars. Now...

Youth crime needs pandemic scale measures, says historian

By ERWIN CHLANDA Local historian Alex Nelson says “problems of youth on the streets at night … correlate directly with the advent of equal civil rights for Aboriginal people during the 1960s and self-determination from...






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A touch of light: booms, busts and budgerigars

By MIKE GILLAM All photos © Mike Gillam Within 15 minutes of the mid-October shower, the first inteleyapeyape (Yeperenye moths) were emerging and next morning the...

A billion dollars in the Aboriginal Benefits Account?

By ERWIN CHLANDA A prominent Arrernte man says there may be $1 billion in the Aboriginal Benefits Account (ABA) but the Minister for Indigenous Australians,...

CLP or ALP, both dole out the mushroom treatment

By ERWIN CHLANDA What do the NT Government and Opposition have in common? They avoid answering probing media questions whenever they can. On October 6 a...

Government gets $446m in mineral royalties

By ERWIN CHLANDA The NT Government collected $446m – about 10% – in royalties from $4.6 billion worth of ore sold by the mining companies...