Going through the motions and loving it


Single Female Bicycle Rider # 8
The Tuesday paper
The combination Single Female Bicycle Rider and Unemployed is quite a pleasant one.
Since I’m sure this state is, like all states on earth, impermanent, I try to enjoy every minute of it and I must say: I succeed pretty well.
Today I decided to ride early and get the Tuesday paper, just for the heck of it, everybody knows there’s absolutely nothing in the Tuesday paper, even not jobs, but just sitting in Yippie with a coffee and the paper feels good.
Especially after an early bicycle ride. I turn the pages slowly, reading absolutely no articles. Still, a feeling of purpose has descended on me. I sip my coffee contently while contemplating what I will buy today. A bottle of bleach?
Or shall I go for a dustpan and brush? A tube of toothpaste even perhaps? The point is: one has to travel light on a bicycle, which is an excellent way to save money. When one goes shopping by car one easily gets the feeling one has to hoard.
Get as much at one time to save petrol, make good use of the space in the car, save time, or other nonsense. When one only has a steer-basket one buys economically. One only needs a bar fridge. Which, in turn, saves money. Etc., etc.
Being a Single Female Bicycle Rider gets better every day.


  1. With a back pack, side bags and a trailer you could join the masses and shop big if you like.
    Of course when going shopping is fun why not shop often. A bit more bike parking would help.


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