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Darwin port: Captain's call by Giles rocks boat



While Canberra remains utterly confused over the foray by Adam Giles into global politics, and he gets feted by Chinese billionaire Ye Cheng to celebrate the 99 year lease of the Port of Darwin, its owners, the people of the Northern Territory, are getting the mushroom treatment. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Part of the coverage by the Fairfax Media.


Thirsty thief, rifles stolen, rocks thrown at ambulance




A thief used a trolley in an alleged heist of beer kegs from a local resort. And police are investigating the theft of rifles in Braitling, as well as rock throwing at an ambulance.


Election year: you'll be promised one of these




2016: All dressed up but where to go, asks HAL DUELL.


2016 the year of fun, Made in Alice




Make 2016 your year to get involved in your local arts scene, go to shows, watch plays, listen to community radio, support your friends and your neighbours and just get amongst it, writes LAURIE MAY (pictured).


Indigenous marathon – the chosen few




Five years and $2.3m of taxpayers' money later, and the Federal Government will give no details of the benefits of the Indigenous Marathon Project (IMP). ERWIN CHLANDA reports. IMAGE from the New York marathon last month.


Call to show respect for the flag




Flags flown at night without illumination are a sign of disrespect, writes Ray Rowe. The ones on Anzac Hill (pictured) are illuminated.


Call to eat local beef, camel penises for China




Why our best cattle are going south and how bolstering the use of a local abattoir could prime local beef on our table. Veteran pastoralist Garry Dann (pictured) says it's time to take the bull by the horns in 2016. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Six men charged with drug and other offences




After a four-month operation local detectives have dismantled an elaborate criminal network involved in trafficking ecstasy, ice, steroids and testosterone from South Australia to Alice Springs, according to a police media release today.


Rally racer puts CLP pedal to the metal




CLP boss at age 24 has focus on party's mass appeal and fast cars. ERWIN CHLANDA speaks with Ben Kittle (pictured).


Who's going to untangle the town's many issues?


The Mbantua Festival, its financial fiasco notwithstanding, did much to inspire the drive for an indigenous cultural centre in Alice Springs. But someone has to unravel the bickering surrounding the project, as well as other issues in the too hard basket, including the Uniting Church residential development and town square concept in the Mall. ERWIN CHLANDA comments.


Tourists washed off road by flood waters

Even in minor flooding, keep out of the creeks, say police.

Culture centre: Where is Aboriginal leadership?



There will be no Indigenous cultural centre in Alice Springs unless the people whose culture it celebrates come to an agreement about it. So say Alice Springs News Online commentators and Deputy Mayor Steve Brown. Meanwhile the Art Gallery of South Australia (pictured) is making the most from Central Australian art. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


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