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The freedom of the press still furnishes that check upon government which no constitution has ever been able to provide – Chicago Tribune.

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Two shows get to the heart of the matter

By KIERAN FINNANE The times are more pressing than ever for artists to concern themselves with existential matters and two exhibitions drawing to a close...

Greening a carpark – lessons for the baking acres in town centre

By KIERAN FINNANE The site was “brutal”: the concrete forecourt of the former Oasis garage, facing west, unfenced, often used as an informal carpark. That was...

For the worlds she stitches together, Marlene Rubuntja wins the Lofty

By KIERAN FINNANE “Committed to art as a way of life, as a way to bring people together and as a way to rise people...

Near and far, impending and uplifting

Review by KIERAN FINNANE Beneath rain-laden clouds the gallery space dissolves. A ship appears, a tall ship under sail, tiny on the distant horizon,...

A room, a river, an island, a view



"In my ears still was the satisfying sound of gravel crunching underfoot, and not just the sound but the connection between the sound and the weight of my body as I stepped around a small parcel of ‘river’ inside a translucent white room." KIERAN FINNANE reviews Gabriel Curtin's show at Watch This Space.

Local winners Watch This Space at time of national arts cuts



For the first time, the Space will be able to pay proper wages to its directors, fees and contributions towards expenses for  exhibiting artists, consultation fees for First Nations advisors, and more. KIERAN FINNANE reports. 

When art meets sport meets community


As soon as you enter the gallery at Watch This Space, you are transported: it’s a sunny day full of the cries of players and supporters, team action on the field, and community in action on the sidelines, a community of women. KIERAN FINNANE reviews. 

‘Consummate creator’ wins annual Lofty


Accolades abounded for four “art warriors” at the annual Lofty awards, recognising high endeavour in the arts in Central Australia, held last Saturday at Watch This Space. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

Safeguarding the Space for ground-up cultural expression

p2584 WTS Lofty Moody feet SM



And why we should push back at top-down approaches of successive NT governments and their agencies, responding to economic drivers. KIERAN FINNANE reflects on the year not quite passed.

Street life celebrated in street art

p2572 Mackinolty Il muro di risata con bambini SM
When long-time Northern Territory artist Chips Mackinolty made his first paste-ups in Palermo, capital of Sicily, he was soon approached by business owners who wanted some for their premises. As Alice's festival of street art gets underway this veteran practitioner is showing work, from Palermo and Alice, at Watch This Space. Kieran Finnane reviews.

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Telstra troubles in Alice

By OSCAR PERRI Telstra is continuing its efforts to build a mobile phone tower to service areas south of The Gap with an NTCAT challenge...

Indigenous businesses: looking for way to the top

By ERWIN CHLANDA Desert Knowledge Australia (DKA) says it wants to accel­er­ate the growth of five local Indigenous enterprises "through inten­sive men­tor­ship, project-based learn­ing, and...

‘ABSTUDY stops, holds students back’

By OSCAR PERRI Having more Aboriginal lawyers and professionals is the place to start solving crime issues of Alice Springs, but the government is not...

50 years of netball in The Alice

By STEVE MENZIES There will be a certain off-court focus for the KFC Alice Springs Netball Association this weekend. This is despite the feature match of...