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Liam Jurrah trial, Day 4: Alleged victim in the witness box

Basil Jurrah, alleged victim of an assault by Liam Jurrah, has given evidence about his drinking on the day. He said he bought a two litre "four corner bottle" of Jim Beam to drink at his aunty's house at Hidden Valley town camp.  KIERAN FINNANE reports. Pictured: After yesterday's disturbances outside the court, mounted police took up position near the steps for part of this morning.  Jurrah's legal team is seen leaving the court in the lunch break.


LETTER: Looking for cousin

I am searching for my cousin Franziska Bernadette Hager b. September 14, 1959 (birth name Teresa) also know as Fran, writes Janine Hughes.

Liam Jurrah trial, Day 3, afternoon: Did he smash a car?


Chief Justice Trevor Riley told jurors to "put to one side" anything that they may hear reported about the fighting outside the courthouse today and to "concentrate" only on the evidence heard in the courtroom. That included this afternoon somewhat confusing evidence from two witnesses that Liam Jurrah was involved in the smashing of a car at Little Sisters camp. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

Pictured: Relieved no doubt at the end of another long day in the dock, Liam Jurrah leaves the Alice Springs courthouse.

Coup: All Central Australian members voted for Adam Giles


A reliable source says all Central Australian Members of Parliament voted for Adam Giles in his coup to become Chief Minister.

This means he had the support of Alison Anderson, Bess Price, Matt Conlan and Robyn Lambley.

And the Parliamentary wing vote was 13 for Mr Giles, three for Terry Mills.

"It's a really good day for us down here" to have a Chief Minister from Central Australia, says Alice Springs Country Liberal Party chairman, Daniel Davis (pictured). And Senator Scullion says "the Country Liberals can get back to rectifying the damage done by a decade of Labor Government". ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Jurrah Trial, Day 3: Witness lied to police "under pressure"

A witness in the Liam Jurrah trial, 23-year-old Bruno Wilson (pictured), has told the court that he lied in a statement to  police when he said that Liam Jurrah had a nulla nulla and that he hit Basil Jurrah with it three times. He said he lied because he felt under pressure; that the police officer taking his statement repeatedly asked him whether Liam Jurrah had a weapon and only stopped when he finally said that he did. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

PHOTO below: Police intervened as tempers flared outside the court on several occasions.


Federal media laws: Will we become a dictatorship?

The argument about Federal media legislation, pushed by Minister for Communications, Stephen Conroy (pictured) is clear and brief.

[a] The government does not control the work of journalists.

[b] The government does control the work of journalists.

In the case of [b] Australia would be a dictatorship. COMMENT by ERWIN CHLANDA.

LETTER: Eubena Nampitjin, rest in peace





It is with great sadness that we must tell you that our beautiful Eubena Nampitjin has passed away, write Warlayirti Artists, of Balgo.

Liam Jurrah trial, Day Two: Did he have a weapon in his hand?



The court heard further evidence this afternoon regarding weapons allegedly in the hands of former star footballer Liam Jurrah on the night of March 7 last year. Niece Philomena White said he had a machete; cousin Daphne White said he had "a little iron"; cousin Ingrid White said he had a nulla nulla; aunty Freda Jurrah said he had "something"; cousin Lemiah Woods said he had a crowbar and at another stage, an axe. KIERAN FINNANE reports.  EARLIER STORIES.

Council: Stuart statue back, feral trolleys tamed, CDL in limbo, 'no' to higher fines, WiFi for mall, dropped BDR empties river



The CDL saga goes on, a hike in fines is dropped, feral shopping trolleys are brought partly under control, and the statue of the explorer John McDouall Stuart (pictured during its unveiling followed by immediate removal) finally has a home. These were some of the issues discussed at last night's meeting of the Town Council committees. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Top cop says 000 delay "very concerning"

Police Commander Kate Vanderlaan has described the delay of a 000 call as "very concerning". She commented today after Telstra released details of the incident on February 22 when the manager of the tennis centre, Matt Roberts was under siege by an armed mob threatening to kill him.

Jurrah trial, Day Two: Witness refuses to discuss family feud

Counsel for Liam Jurrah this morning attempted to explore the family dispute that may lie behind the events of March 7 last year at Little Sisters Camp, during which it is alleged the former star footballer caused serious harm to his cousin, Basil Jurrah.

Jon Tippet QC tried to ask witness Freda Jurrah, Liam Jurrah's aunty, about the reason for the trouble. Was it between the Watson and Walker-Granites families? Yes. Was it caused by the death of Kwementyaye Watson? Yes. The Watson family were upset with the Walker-Granite families because they "blamed them" for the death of Kwementyaye Watson? No answer. KIERAN FINNANE reports.


Pictured: Liam Jurrah enters the court, with Jon Tippet QC at his side.

000 police response: nearly 5 mins delay, then more than 13


Territory Police took 4 minutes and 46 seconds and 13 minutes and 12 seconds, respectively, to pick up two calls via 000 from the manager of the tennis centre, Matt Roberts (pictured), when he was under siege on February 22 by an armed mob threatening to kill him. The first call did not result in the police coming to Mr Roberts' assistance. The second one did. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

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