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Police & prison do not prevent crimes: Greens candidate on ‘defunding police’

By ERWIN CHLANDA Policing crime and punishing it is one of Alice Springs’ few thriving industries. Take a look at the centre of town: we’ve...

Zachary Rolfe: medical opinion on potential scissor threat to officers relevant

By KIERAN FINNANE The potential of a pair of scissors to inflict harm has been allowed as a subject of cross-examination by the defence in...

‘Once in 50 years opportunity’ for tourism in The Centre

By ERWIN CHLANDA COVID-19 is giving Central Australia has a “once in 50 years” opportunity to capture Australian tourists who – for a limited time...

A touch of light: fracking advice from an artesian diving beetle

By MIKE GILLAM All photos © Mike Gillam I look at a map of major aquifers in central Australia variously named Ngalia, Amadeus, Lake Eyre, their...

Candidates keep low profile on booze

By ERWIN CHLANDA There has been a poor response from the seven parties standing candidates to a survey by the People’s Alcohol Action Coalition about...

Diminished role for councillors or greater efficiency?

By KIERAN FINNANE There is some resistance to the efficiency broom being swept through council by CEO Robert Jennings and Director of Corporate Services Sabine...

Labor draws first spot on ballot paper in Chief Minister's seat

p2348 voting paper draw SM



Dale Wakefield drew first position in Braitling with Mr Giles third in a field of seven. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Candidates and supporters at the draw in Alice Springs this afternoon.


Giles: No more Mr Nice Guy on fuel prices



Last week I issued the fuel companies a "please explain" over their behaviour but at yesterday's fuel price summit they failed to respond adequately. I am no longer asking for an explanation from fuel stakeholders. I am now demanding one through a new Fuel Price Disclosure Bill to be introduced in the next parliamentary sittings, writes Chief Minister Adam Giles.



Open letter to Neville Perkins: Mbantua Festival debts are a public issue



The $1.3m grant from the Federal Government to the Mbantua Festival, and the investment in the event by the town's people, make debts to suppliers more than an issue between the producers and its creditors: It's a public issue, says Alice Springs News Online in an open letter to director Neville Perkins.

Mbantua Fest debts matter between company, creditors: Perkins




The money owed by Arrulka Business Aboriginal Corporation to its remaining creditors for the Mbantua Festival is a commercial matter between ABAC and its creditors, which has been and will continue to be addressed, writes Neville Perkins (pictured).



The power of 'we'

p2135 Strehlow Anderson


“Where do we go from here?” The theme of the just concluded Strehlow Conference may have sounded disarmingly open-ended but its difficulty was soon apparent. That two-letter word ‘we’ could not paper over the cracks between ‘them’ and ‘us’. The ‘us’ more often than not were whitefellas – people of professional expertise – talking about the blackfella ‘them’, until the tables turned. KIERAN FINNANE reports. Pictured: Alison Anderson MLA (left) and Professor Peter Sutton (right).

Community Bank sponsors life saving equipment

We have just put an Automated External Defibrillator at the Traeger Park and hope to soon have one at the turf club as well, writes Bridget May, Director, Alice Springs Community Bank.

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Alice to get more internet speed

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