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The freedom of the press still furnishes that check upon government which no constitution has ever been able to provide – Chicago Tribune.

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A man in two worlds

By JOHN P McD SMITH By the 1960s there were Aboriginal people who were becoming prominent in Australia: Albert Namatjira, Charlie Perkins and Lowitja O’Donoghue...

Martina, the first of priest’s 150 Aboriginal wives

By JOHN P McD SMITH One hundred years ago Francis Gsell “purchased” the first of his 150 wives. This is his story. A Catholic Aboriginal mission...

Top-down Budget: Launch in Darwin, Alice gets it on social media

By ERWIN CHLANDA "There is no budget event in Alice Springs. "The Chief Minister’s budget launch and speech will be available from the Chief Minister’s Facebook...

COVID infection questions about Howard Springs quarantine station

By ERWIN CHLANDA A former COVID sufferer was put in isolation in the in the Howard Springs quarantine facility after showing “weak positive result,” according...

‘Fight for open spaces’

LETTER TO THE EDITOR Sir – It was the best of times, it was the worst of times … with apologies to Charles Dickens. Our two...

Air travellers: Who controls pandemic rules?

UPDATE August 4, 9.13am: The source for this report is Darwin businessman and former 1Territory Party president, Braedon Earley (at left). This morning he went...

Traveller returning to NT tests positive



The Darwin man in his 30s had stayed with family in a defined Melbourne hotspot area, and is now in isolation in the Royal Darwin Hospital, according to SecureNT.

Alice VET pays for CDU folly in Darwin

Many tertiary institutions in Australia are now moving away from large monolithic, concrete building structures, into sophisticated computer based on-line teaching. Many students prefer this to attending classes at set locations and set times. Costs of education are greatly reduced and students find it easier to cope with jobs. ANALYSIS by DON FULLER. Photos: Alice VET section gathering dust. Dr Samantha Disbray.

Warlpiri don't want Zachary Rolfe murder trial to be in Darwin



"We already feel left out. As it is, moving the trial to Alice Springs, when [the alleged murder]  happened in Yuendumu, already places a heavy burden on community members. We are always left out of things," says Ned Hargraves (pictured), chairperson for Warlpiri Parumpurru (Justice).

'Cheating wife' tracker could have found alleged Darwin killer




Gadgets to track "cheating wives" via their mobiles are offered online but a man out on parole wearing a government surveillance device (such as pictured) allegedly rampaged across Darwin, killing four people. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

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Deputy Mayor’s ‘flashy’ proposal back to the drawing board

By OSCAR PERRI The Town Council last night decided against adopting a motion from Deputy Mayor Jacinta Nampijinpa Price for a youth apprenticeship program, instead...

Environment group: what we all have in common

By ERWIN CHLANDA “It’s pretty clear, if we had a look at any of those groups and their strategic planning, you can bet your bottom...

Home owners too need to clean up

LETTER TO THE EDITOR Re rubbish dumped illegally: What about inside our boundaries? What must visitors to our town think when they see our streets. Residents blame...

Seniors department ‘not good business practice’

By ERWIN CHLANDA Seniors Minister Lauren Moss and the official in her department in charge of the annual $500 recognition payment to Territorians over 65,...