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Council clamours for more cash behind wall of silence



The Central Desert Regional Council is continuing its attempts to press the Federal Government into paying it more money for child care, and is now getting support from Congress. However the council and its president Adrian Dixon (pictured) are not answering questions. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


'Put it on and they will come'




Night markets turn 10 with a very jovial crowd. KIERAN FINNANE reports. Pictures by ERWIN CHLANDA.


Every hill got a story




Eminent Aboriginal men and women from across Central Australia are preparing to launch Every Hill got a Story, the Centre’s first comprehensive oral history collection, writes the Central Land Council. PHOTO: Contribuor Frankie Holmes.


Police seek information from public on unlawful entry




Police are investigating an unlawful entry and stealing incident in Alice Springs earlier this week.


$2m worth of faith in Alice



A $2m investment in a new showroom is a good indication of what the Kittle car trading family thinks of the future of Alice Springs. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Andrew Kittle with a twin-cab HiLux 4WD – the type of vehicle which seems to have replaced the fast ute as the conveyance of choice for the young blokes.


Santa Teresa musos world's 'most isolated' metal band



The most isolated heavy metal band in the world, Southeast Desert Metal, are set to launch their debut film clip in Alice Springs tomorrow.


Never let a chance go by



After years of being mostly a "look, but don't touch" object, the Residency has been taken out of mothballs, and a stream of visitors and users counters assertions that the CBD is dead. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photo: Heritage Alice Springs Coordinator, Tara Leckey, and volunteer Peter Kay in the living room.


Have a Territory holiday – in China




The NT Government will establish a "Northern Territory dedicated zone" in an eco-safari park in China, writes Peter Styles (pictured), Minister for Asian Engagement and Trade.


Great Barrier Reef at risk, and so is Kakadu

Queensland academic Dr Sally Driml provides background information about the Great Barrier Reef and its demise predicted by Tim Flannery.

Armed men bash George Crescent residents – UPDATE




Four men were injured, one seriously, when they were attacked last night by five or six men in their 20s who are described as being of Aboriginal appearance. PHOTO: One of the victims, Alex Harris. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Giles: Rail to Queensland study, more overseas workers




A railway to Queensland and a broader workers' migration agreement are in the Chief Minister's sights.


200 mountain bikers loved The Redback



The Redback provided four days and six stages of some of the most inspiring mountain biking Australia has to offer, racing along the jaw-dropping trails around Alice Springs.


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