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Wakefield concedes in Braitling

By ERWIN CHLANDA Dale Wakefield (Labor) has conceded defeat in the keenly contested seat of Braitling which she won from CLP Chief Minister Adam Giles...

Lambley ahead of ex-mayor Ryan, Wakefield likely to lose Braitling

By ERWIN CHLANDA When counting stopped last night in the 2020 Territory election, on two candidate preferred votes Robyn Lambley (Territory Alliance) stood to keep...

Braitling is an endurance race, says anti fracking Hopper

By JULIUS DENNIS Almost 14% of the Territory has already had their say in the August 22 election via early voting, says the NT Electoral...

Dale vs Dale in Braitling



A prominent local puts her hand up for the Territory Alliance in Braitling held by Labor by the slimmest of margins. And the Chief Minister gets a caning for the keeping the West Macs locked down and his four year long futile campaign for a national Aboriginal gallery. The 2020 election campaign gathers momentum. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Robyn Lambley, Terry Mills and Dale McIver neatly separated during a media event today.

McConnell 'highly likely' to run for Braitling


Scott McConnell (pictured), the current Member for Stuart, blames his former Labor colleague Dale Wakefield for "derailing" the National Indigenous Art Gallery and the Chief Minister for selling short the regions and Alice Springs. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Ryan to run in Braitling for the CLP?

2611 Jamie deBrenni SMp22102-Damien-Ryan-SM



The Mayor (at right) is not confirming nor denying it, and we've now asked fellow town council member and CLP vice-president Jamie deBrenni (at left) for a response. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Eli Melky to stand against Adam Giles

p2343-Eli-Melky SM




... and joins a growing list of Independents in Braitling. ERWIN CHLANDA reports


UPDATE August 2


Melky for Braitling? It's a maybe.




"I am not part of a plot," says Cr Melky (pictured). ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Greens candidate calls for intelligence, listening




Dalton Dupuy (pictured) joins opponents to Adam Giles in Braitling. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Labor: Culture centre, power plant, dam, bottle shop cops

p2310-Dale-Wakefield-2-SMAs the two day Labor Party conference turns into three, a detailed decision on fracking remains a work in progress. But Dale Wakefield (pictured), who will be taking on Chief Minister Adam Giles in Braitling, speaks out on a cultural centre, says cops at bottleshops could operate in tandem with a reborn BDR, doesn't rule out a Todd dam in response to increased flood insurance premiums, and says the $75m power station is shaping up as "another shameful legacy of the CLP government". ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

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