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The freedom of the press still furnishes that check upon government which no constitution has ever been able to provide – Chicago Tribune.

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'TROUBLE mirrors our ugly parts: we can learn from this.'


When a mob beat Kumunjayi Pollard to death, when Ed Hargrave was fatally stabbed, when Kwementyaye Ryder died at the hands of five men, and Liam Jurrah attacked women, two "dark and dangerous fluids" were running through our town: one was blood, the other grog. They also run through Kieran Finnane's book.

Seeing his name in the credits drives Josh




Still in his teens Josh Tranter has no doubt his future is in the movies. He spoke with ERIN CHLANDA.


Interpreter lives the Redtails way




Three languages, three years in the job, and dedicated to the group that links footy with personal development. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


The rollercoaster Budgets




See the graph that tells the story. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


NT Greens announce Federal candidates




A community artists, Rob Hoad (at right in the photo), and a doctor, Michael Connard, stand for development of renewables and against fracking.


Federal funds for domestic violence legal service

It will operate from Flynn Drive Health Centre and the hospital, writes Senator Michaelia Cash.

We are in deep trouble and 2017 will be worse: Gerritsen




Budget: The family jewels – TIO, Darwin Port, and so on – have been sold but pitifully little has been saved, says Prof Rolf Gerritsen (pictured). Report by ERWIN CHLANDA.


Skywalk Budget item could be game changer for Alice




A $10m Budget line could be a game changer for Alice Springs. ERWIN CHLANDA comments. PHOTO: View to the west from Mt Gillen.

Budget good for home buyers, kids at risk, roads




Chamber of Commerce, Mayor give thumbs up. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: The Youth Centre undergoing an upgrade. There is $2.8m for it in today's budget.


Big capital works spend in Centre pledged



$50m for the controversial expansion of the the Owen Springs Power Station, and an upgrade of the Tennant Creek Power Station, are the biggest expenditures in Central Australia.

Writing the stories of trouble

p2335 Trouble 150


"There was more to these stories than could be rendered only for some kind of foregone conclusion. They had their own life, their own terrible attraction, while within and around them could be glimpsed the larger, painfully changing, occasionally impressive, deeply interconnected life of the town and the region." KIERAN FINNANE reflects on the writing of TROUBLE: on trial in Central Australia, to be launched this Friday.

Rate of property crime dropped since CLP came to power




House break-ins in Alice down 34% but no change in assaults. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Graphic from the police website.


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