Melky for Braitling? It's a maybe.


p2122-Eli-MelkyBy ERWIN CHLANDA
Question to Eli Melky (pictured), town councillor and political bit player (former CLP, Palmer United): Are you going to be standing as an independent in Braitling?
Answer: I am 100% not considering standing at this time. Absolutely not.
Q: What about tomorrow?
A: Unlikely – but who knows what the future holds?
Mr Melky admits he’s having get-togethers with Opposition Leader Michael Gunner but only related to his sports show on radio and to discuss issues that are affecting this town, in his role as councillor.
Q: Is there a ploy to divert conservative votes from Independent Phil Walcott in the Chief Minister’s seat?
A: I am not part of any ploy. It is frustrating to be in council as there is a high CLP representation. It’s difficult to imagine whose interests are being best served at the moment, CLP or our town?  While I will welcome opportunities to better serve the public, including stepping up to stand for Territory politics, even Federal, at this time I am not intending on it.
Meanwhile there is a persistent rumour of a poll in Braitling two weeks before Easter which spelt doom for Adam Giles: The numbers, from a sample of 220, were 38% Phil Walcott (Ind), 28% Dale Wakefield (Labor), 22% Adam Giles (CLP) and 5% Jane Clark (Ind).
Dalton Dupuy has since declared his candidacy for the Greens.
What seems to be sure is that the survey – if indeed it took place – wasn’t commissioned by the CLP: Its president, Tory Mencshelyi, is adamant.
Labor figures in The Centre aren’t sure about the poll – but that doesn’t mean much, given that Mr Gunner and his minders don’t like answering difficult questions, even apparently from his own team.
If you think the Federal election campaign is going to be long, try the NT: It’s 16 weeks to our due date.


  1. Wow … well isn’t that interesting! Revealed on Mother’s Day. I’ll let mine know.
    My best guess (though I don’t know) is that the alleged poll may have been commissioned by Territory Labor or perhaps a trade union. If so … thanks for the indicators, folks.
    I would have thought that any consideration with regard to Eli contesting as a conservative Independent would have been in an attempt to draw CLP votes away from Adam rather than me. He held the former boundary by a good margin.
    With 16 weeks until August 27 and a Federal result yet to be determined, it’ll certainly be an interesting journey for the five and possibly six contenders. There’s clearly a lot of work to be done by me to expand or at least maintain any such lead.
    Que sera, sera.

  2. This poll result is a testimony to Phil Walcott’s slow, steady and respectful approach to engaging with the people of Braitling.
    Phil is clearly not a hard and fast wheeler and dealer pollie – but that is a most refreshing thing.
    It is time for pollies like Giles to realise that the people need to be convinced to go along for the journey.
    People are sick of the CLP’s recent track record and approach whereby a few people are calling the shots and to hell with anyone who disagrees!
    I will proudly be voting 1 Phil Walcott at this election.
    I would recommend Eli Melky as number 2 if he puts his hand up.

  3. I would vote for Eli if he stood as a candidate because he is the best political brain this community has.
    Although I can’t fathom why he would want to call himself a conservative I hope that he means that is in the way he makes decisions.
    If it is in the style of Abbott and those nutjobs then God help us and I retract my statement about Melky being political brain.
    I wasn’t immediately convinced by Phil Walcott when I first started following the candidates. However I have now met with him at Club Eastside. He is honest and genuinely wants to get results for this community.
    So I would vote Eli Melky but think Phil Walcott is a top bloke too.

  4. I too have an interest in statistics and I have concluded from Mr Walcott’s Facebook that his supports are Labor voters egging him on in order to benefit (not that there was any doubt) from his preferences.
    Why bother you may ask?
    Well, not too many feel Mr Gunner is very appealing I suggest, so this is a clayton’s bid for Labor to obtain the seat – the Labor pollie you get when not actually voting Labor. But as I say, my interest is in the statistics – and betting.


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