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Industrial use of residential land 'temporary'


Residential land in the farm area is being used for storing car wrecks while sorting out a bottleneck with scrap metal sales. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Restoring social order? Treaty with Alyawarr people first!




Aboriginal elders should be playing a greater role in restoring social order but their authority must be associated with native title and a treaty, writes Richard Downs (pictured) from the Alyawarr region north of Alice Springs.


Town Council in time warp on nuke waste




The Town Council will reiterate an 11-year-old motion opposing a radioactive waste facility being built anywhere in the Northern Territory, while traditional owners take their protest about the Date Farm site to Canberra. KIERAN FINNANE  reports.

Giles on fracking: Sovereign risk a red herring?




Chief Minister raises spectre of large job losses in fracking based oil and gas production under Labor.


Housing industry rejects Cureton Review findings




Recommendations would only result in increased administrative burden and cost to builders, and ultimately impact housing affordability, writes Neilia Ginnane (pictured) of the Housing Industry Association.


Running out of water inspires global marathon




From the Antarctica to the Simpson, Mina delivers a vital message on the run.


We have four times the nation's rate of road deaths




12 day police traffic blitz is under way. PHOTO from police archive.


Mandatory sentencing findings no surprise: Law Society




It is "blunt, ineffective and expensive," says Mark O'Reilly. No comment from Minister John Elferink (pictured).


Todd River dam: It's all been said before.




A 26 year old report makes it clear: only a dam can save the town. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


'Good riddance' to Mal Brough

Charlie Carter writes he's pleased the architect of the intervention has been "thrown out".

Stand by for fresh Todd dam controversy



Discussion about flood mitigation, including a controversial dam at the women's sacred site, Junction Waterhole, is getting a new lease of life with the appointment today of a government advisory panel. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. WARNING: Some readers may find the image of the sacred site, accompanying our full story, confronting.


Alice town camp gets center for work and play




Cooking, cleaning, music, curtain making and arts will be offered. PHOTO: Elders cutting the ribbon.


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