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Wakefield concedes in Braitling


Dale Wakefield (Labor) has conceded defeat in the keenly contested seat of Braitling which she won from CLP Chief Minister Adam Giles by 27 votes in 2016.

She held the difficult portfolio of Families, widely seen to be responsible for the failing policies for young offenders.

Newcomer to politics, Joshua Burgoyne (CLP) will be the new Member.

There are still no results in Namatjira and Araluen where postal votes as late as end of next week will be decisive.

Ms Wakefield said on Facebook a short while ago: “It has been the greatest privilege of my life to serve the people of Braitling, Alice Springs and the Territory for the past four years.

“To all my volunteers, supporters, colleagues, staff, family and friends who have put in the hard yards – I want to say the biggest thank you.

“I love this town. Alice Springs is my home and where I have chosen to raise my family.

“Whilst I will no longer be your Member for Braitling, in whatever capacity and whatever my next adventure is, I will always be championing Alice Springs.”

Photo: One vote she was sure to get.


  1. Shame she was the only minister to lose her seat.
    Labor won on the only thing they did well on, Covid response.
    Everything else has been a disaster and they have bankrupted the Territory.
    Covid will likely be over in a few months, but the mess will still be there and it’s not likely Gunner has the brains or guts to try to fix it.
    So for all the short-sighted voters who elected this government, don’t complain!

  2. @ Watchn: Yes a lot of wasted money on all those new windows installed on that building.
    I hope taxpayers’ money wasn’t used.
    They’re putting up new windows upstairs so I hope the ones with her face on it was her money and the rest the owner’s of that building.


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