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New step towards sustainable food for Alice

Building a network of community gardens will continue with a new one at the Centralian Middle School in Gillen, assisted by the Arid Lands Environment Centre (ALEC).

CEO Jimmy Cocking says in a media release that this network will help not only students but also local people in general “to learn, grow, harvest and heal through their participation in the gardens”.

The first community garden started 10 years ago at Frances Smith Park is evidence of “what can be done when the community is granted some resources and some land.

“ALEC is committed to developing sustainable food systems in the arid lands.

“New and emerging gardens will contribute to the growth of the local produce market Food for Alice, a weekly market connecting Alice residents with locally-sourced, ethical produce and suppliers.”

New projects are planned for Ilpeye-Ilpeye Estate, Araluen Cultural Precinct and Tangentyere Community Centres (supported by Amern Mwerr Garden Project).

Photo: The “Happy Farmer”.


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