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Tag: West MacDonnells

Glen Helen to re-open in the West Macs

By ERWIN CHLANDA Glen Helen Resort, which has been closed since March last year, is advertising for staff including front office receptionists, room attendants, chefs...

This report has been censored by the NT Government

By ERWIN CHLANDA We had published here a report following an interview with Senior Fire Management Officer Lee Gleeson, on a matter of the highest...

Operators propose developments to boost Alice tourism

By ERWIN CHLANDA A “range height adventure” centre offering a skywalk, cable car, walking and bike trails, the longest zip line in the world, paragliding,...

‘Once in 50 years opportunity’ for tourism in The Centre

By ERWIN CHLANDA COVID-19 is giving Central Australia has a “once in 50 years” opportunity to capture Australian tourists who – for a limited time...

West MacDonnell park: Life returns after the firestorm

By ERWIN CHLANDA A bushfire tore through the West MacDonnells, star attraction of the new campaign to revive the local travel industry, burning about half...

Chance for NT Government to get cracking on fires

Feds present opportunity for the Gunner Government to start meaningful action in bushfire prevention and fighting. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTOS: The Staircase to Heaven near Standley Chasm, before and after the January 2019 blaze in the West MacDonnell National Park.

Bushfires: Government by reports



One minister, Eva Lawler, releases a three-year bushfire volunteer strategy while her front bench colleague, Lauren Moss, is still waiting for the evaluation of the 17-day January blaze which devastated half of the West MacDonnells. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Enjoying The Centre at a frantic pace

2614 tourism ads 1 SM



Costs and details for year-long tourism promotion campaign "commercially confidential". Ten local operators on a mission in Europe to invite holiday makers to "do" Centre attractions – Uluru, Kings Canyon, West Macs, Alice Springs, in just four days, including road travel. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

West Macs inferno: Water bombing, two views

2613 water bomber SM



Large aircraft were used in Tasmania to fight fires. Fire managers there are less apprehensive about water bombers than their Central Australian counterparts. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Image: SBS News.

Our bushfire fighting: Up in the air?

2610 bushfire waterbomber 1 SM


Water bombers, the big ones carrying more than 15 tonnes of fire fighting fluid, were used in the Tasmanian bushfires but were not available to the fire fighters battling in the West Macs under horrendous conditions in January. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

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Home owners too need to clean up

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Seniors department ‘not good business practice’

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