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Native title group’s authority in doubt after meeting shambles

By ERWIN CHLANDA A tumultuous meeting that was meant to be an AGM but apparently failed to conduct any business is putting in doubt Lhere...

Lhere Artepe may take new look at gallery site

By ERWIN CHLANDA Lhere Artepe should be the go-to for all Aboriginal issues in Alice Springs, says Graeme Smith (pictured), the new acting CEO of...

Land deal to define price of native title

By ERWIN CHLANDA A land deal in Alice Springs between the NT Government and Lhere Artepe, currently under discussion, is likely to define further the...

$20m offer for native title over five town areas



Package includes business development, youth care and housing, according to leaked document. EXCLUSIVE by ERWIN CHLANDA.

Native title organisation backs Anzac precinct for gallery



Anzac Oval is not in the determination area ordered by the Federal Court in 2000, yet Minister Dale Wakefield (pictured) sees it as the green light for the project even if it means compulsory acquisition of the oval from the Town Council. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Gunner's native title deal merely 'flagged': Lhere Artepe



Graeme Smith (pictured in his football days), a member of the native title organisation Lhere Artepe, says the acquisition of five areas of land in Alice Springs has been “flagged” by the NT Government, but there are no signed deals nor an Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA).

Record NT debt: Gunner mum on collateral



Compulsory acquisition of real estate for gallery on the cards, deals for land with native title holders, solar future and the Feds are to blame for youth crime: Michael Gunner sketches what's in store for The Alice this year. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Native Title threatens cattle land development: NFF


The process of allowing non-pastoral uses of cattle land, such as tourism and horticulture, is under threat of turning into red tape, says the non-pastoral use permit process, under the NT Pastoral Land Act," says the CEO of the National Farmers' Federation, Tony Mahar (pictured).

Cattlemen face land tenure, gas, live export and Native Title

2593 Chris Nott 3 SM

Live export restrictions, on-shore gas production, Native Title and security of land tenure present challenges to the cattle industry, according to Chris Nott (pictured), president of the NT Cattlemen’s Association (NTCA), speaking at its annual meeting today. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


UPDATE 12.30pm The NT Government is proposing to amend the Pastoral Land Act making permission to use pastoral lease land for non-pastoral purposes more difficult to obtain.


UPDATE Saturday 3.15am: Live export safe under Labor, say McCarthy and Snowdon.

Native Title extinguished over Anzac High School site

2533 Anzac Highschool SM


Culture Minister Lauren Moss says Native Title has been extinguished over the Anzac Hill precinct – the oval as well as the high school site (pictured) – the government's "preferred site" for the National Aboriginal Art Gallery. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

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