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Cattlemen get their day in court over live export ban




“It was not just the farmers that endured losses – it was contractors, employees and local communities that were devastated by the Government’s ban," says NT Cattlemen’s Association former CEO and facilitator of the class action, Tracey Hayes (pictured), in a media statement.

Super fund style measure to help cattlemen through droughts

2593 Chris Nott 3 SM



Self-help scheme for cattle industry similar to superannuation mooted at the drought summit in Canberra, says NT Cattlemen's Association president Chris Nott (pictured). Report by ERWIN CHLANDA.

Cattle stations need plan for after the drought

2593 Chris Nott 3 SM



There has to be a plan for after the drought which allows pastoralists to restock their properties, writes Chris Nott (pictured), President of the NT Cattlemen’s Association.

10 years after a chopper disaster, Rob makes dreams come true

2588 Rob Cook rodeo SM 2588 Rob Cook & family SMDeveloping a leading edge way to fatten cattle, crossing the outback in a wheelchair and giving motivational speeches, pastoralist and former rodeo rider Rob Cook, with the help of a big family, is a man with a vision. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Nott: Cattle industry faces greatest uncertainty ever

Chris Nott SMp2255-cattle-SM


The Gunner Government is seeking to introduce veto rights for Native Title holders which the Federal legislation has deliberately excluded from its Native Title Act, says Cattlemen's Association president Chris Nott (pictured). Report by ERWIN CHLANDA.

Training facility for cattle workers to be launched

Chris Nott SM



A facility for training fledgeling workers in the cattle industry will be launched this morning and will be named after prominent pastoralist Grant Heaslip, says NT Cattlemen’s Association president Chris Nott (pictured).

Youngsters shine in cattle classes at the show

2557 show kids SM



Thursday's sale scored good prices for heavy cattle, but heifers and light stock were had to sell. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Sheep live export ban – cattle next?




The Northern Territory cattle industry should be very concerned. They know they can’t trust Labor, the Greens or the ABC and now they can’t trust the Liberals, writes Braedon Earley (pictured), of the 1 Territory Party.

Tom Cleary: Cattle man with a huge smile

2534 Tom Cleary SM2534 Tom and Gaynor Cleary SM


Legendary stockman and cattle station manager Tom Cleary (left) is remembered as a bloke who walked with ease and optimism between the two races, in the often unforgiving harshness of the The Centre. Obituary by his brother-in-law GRANT LOCK who visited last week to spread the ashes of Mr Cleary at Huckitta Station. Mr Cleary with wife Gaynor (right).   

New abattoir for Alice? Some cattle men pushing for it.

2524 Stockwell (right), Nott SM2524 Wally Klein OK SMIt would be a further step towards meeting the growing demand for organic beef, says enterprising cattle man Wally Klein. Meanwhile retiring Cattlemen's Association president Tom Stockwell gives the association's annual meeting a resolute overview: Our "good fortune" with respect to climate change; time for Aborigines to look after themselves and water should be treated as a "competitive advantage rather than a scarce commodity". ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTOS: Mr Nott and Mr Stockwell; Mr Klein with Indonesian cattle buyers.

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