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Jurrah: No crime scene, no search for weapons, an 'oversight'

In the Liam Jurrah trial this morning Chief Justice commented that a machete and a crowbar are both "distinctive". He seemed to be in agreement, at least in this regard, with Mr Tippett that the investigation was "very perfunctory".  Investigating officer, Senior Constable Sean Aila, said he didn't know how to reply to this. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

Robocops, minder as extras for Giles' exclusive media event

We thought the government had turned the corner with their paranoid media management when Adam Giles gave direct access to ministers, bypassing odious minders who had created a barrier worse than the Berrimah line.
Yet while the Alice Springs News Online did the hard yards on the investigation into the shortcomings of 000 calls, we got no invite yesterday when Mr Giles announced the expansion of the police call centre, amidst plods in Robocop attire, a beaming Police Commissioner and – who was that grateful Member Of The Public shaking Mr Giles by the hand? COMMENT by ERWIN CHLANDA. PHOTOS: Images from the ABC TV News last night.

'It's pretty complicated between Jurrah versus Jurrah.'


Liam Jurrah trial, Day 6, UPDATED (see Full Story)


Liam Jurrah (pictured with niece Johnisha White at the lunch break today) became angry, on the night of March 7 last year, when he heard people calling his name, saying that he didn't respect anybody, that he didn't want to know his old man and his grandfather. They were saying, "all you want to do is to come here and be with your mother's family". He was angry but he didn't have "any fight with no-one". KIERAN FINNANE reports from the Supreme Court where the jury has watched a recording of Liam Jurrah's interview with police.

Liam Jurrah serious but calm as police interview starts


Liam Jurrah trial, Day Five, afternoon: 


The trial of Liam Jurrah (pictured) finished early today, after playing of the record of his interview with police was abandoned, the courtroom copy of the DVD appearing to be faulty. The interview was given while Liam Jurrah was under arrest on March 8 last year, a day after the events at Little Sisters camp. In the few minutes that were played in court, he appeared serious but calm. He had elected not to have anybody with him during the interview and had spoken to his legal representative beforehand. KIERAN FINNANE reports.


250 public dwellings would cost $100,000 each to fix up


There are 250 public housing dwellings in the NT that would cost $100,000 each to fix up.

Housing Minister Peter Chandler's first departmental briefing, days after the Country Liberals' election victory in August last year, revealed that two-thirds of the Repair and Maintenance budget had been spent in the financial year's first two months.
In Alice Springs 91 dwellings are currently empty. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Witness adamant, Jurrah was 'pounding' victim with machete



Liam Jurrah trial, Day 5, morning:


In face of strong cross-examination witness Essau Marshall (pictured) maintained that he saw Liam Jurrah attack Basil Jurrah with a machete. He showed the court how Mr Jurrah was holding the weapon, raising his arms and gripping both hands. He described the action as "pounding".

Before evidence got underway this morning Chief Justice Trevor Riley spoke to the jury about a photo appearing in today's Northern Territory News, showing an injured Basil Jurrah in a hospital bed. He told the jury that the photo should never have been published. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

LETTER: Booze controls needed for footy carnival

Will Alice Springs be the bunny at the Easter footy Carnival? There will be up to 30 teams in Alice Springs for the Easter weekend Lightning Carnival from far and wide – plus spectators. The games will no doubt be great. But if there are no decent alcohol restrictions it could be hell on earth for the hospital, police, night patrols, ambulance workers, youth services, road users and anyone else who is out and about, writes Dr. John Boffa, of the People's Alcohol Action Coalition in Alice Springs.

Plans for new oil, gas wells at Mereenie, survey in Simpson



The oil and gas producer Santos has plans – yet to be "fully approved" by the company – of drilling 23 wells in the Mereenie field whose known reserves are close to being exhausted.

Gas from the fields west of Alice Springs has stopped flowing to Alice Springs and Darwin because the Power Water Corporation has stopped buying it. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Archival shot of the Mereenie installation.

Liam Jurrah trial, Day 4, afternoon: Police officer put through hoops over 'pressured' witness statement


The police officer in charge of the investigation leading to the present charge against Liam Jurrah was put through the hoops this afternoon on the way he took a statement from witness Bruno Wilson. Mr Wilson yesterday told the court that he had lied in his statement because he  felt under pressure. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

Pictured: Police arriving to quell the disturbance in front of the courthouse yesterday.

The new NT cabinet

The new Territory cabinet was announced today.

Liam Jurrah trial, Day 4: Alleged victim in the witness box

Basil Jurrah, alleged victim of an assault by Liam Jurrah, has given evidence about his drinking on the day. He said he bought a two litre "four corner bottle" of Jim Beam to drink at his aunty's house at Hidden Valley town camp.  KIERAN FINNANE reports. Pictured: After yesterday's disturbances outside the court, mounted police took up position near the steps for part of this morning.  Jurrah's legal team is seen leaving the court in the lunch break.


LETTER: Looking for cousin

I am searching for my cousin Franziska Bernadette Hager b. September 14, 1959 (birth name Teresa) also know as Fran, writes Janine Hughes.

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