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The freedom of the press still furnishes that check upon government which no constitution has ever been able to provide – Chicago Tribune.

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Two shows get to the heart of the matter

By KIERAN FINNANE The times are more pressing than ever for artists to concern themselves with existential matters and two exhibitions drawing to a close...

Ex-mayor fails in tilt for Assembly seat

By ERWIN CHLANDA Former mayor Damien Ryan (pictured) has been unsuccessful in his tilt at Territory politics for the CLP, failing to unseat the Territory...

Lambley leading in Araluen, Yan in Namatjira, postal votes now to be counted

By ERWIN CHLANDA On the count as of late on Wednesday this week, Robyn Lambley (Territory Alliance) would retain her seat of Araluen by 17...

Lambley ahead of ex-mayor Ryan, Wakefield likely to lose Braitling

By ERWIN CHLANDA When counting stopped last night in the 2020 Territory election, on two candidate preferred votes Robyn Lambley (Territory Alliance) stood to keep...

CLP candidate Ryan compromised as town’s negotiator



Should he be able to use his $100,000 job as Mayor (pictured, ABC News) campaigning against the government poised to invest $70m in the town for the Aboriginal art gallery and cultural centre, and more for the CBD? COMMENT by ERWIN CHLANDA.

Home-coming for the foundation works of Western Desert art

p2453 Papunya Parlette group SM


The foundation works of the Western Desert art movement have returned home, perhaps not to West Camp at Papunya where the spark was lit in the song, dance and body painting of prolonged ceremonies starting in the warm months of late 1970, but to Alice Springs where the first paintings on board arrived, beginning their journey to international renown, writes KIERAN FINNANE.

Gunner muzzles Independents, now seven of them

2592 Robyn Lambley (ABC pic) OK



Chief Minister denies the growing number of cross benchers support staff anywhere near the level enjoyed by his government's members, writes Robyn Lambley MLA, Independent Member for Araluen.

Independents now ineffective?

2594 Robyn Lambley 1 SMp1913brownsteve



Is Robyn Lambley (at left) in breach of the Electoral Act by touting a new party, asks her former opponent in Araluen, Steve Brown (at right).

Large number of cars vandalised at Araluen

p2526 Araluen auditorium SM


Movie screening interrupted to tell patrons many cars had been damaged. Graffiti points to gang. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


UPDATE 1.24pm on day of publication and May 19 at 4.47pm.


UPDATE MAY 21 at 8.14am.

Breadth and depth in Alice Prize – show and winner

p2522 Alice Prize Ritchie SM
The 40th Alice Prize is "one of the widest-ranging, most comprehensive and exhaustive examples of Australian contemporary art that you will ever see", its "width and depth" summed up in the winning work chosen by judge, Brian Ritchie (yes, the Violent Femmes punk rocker). KIERAN FINNANE reports.

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