A place that both attracts and scares


“SUB blends the body, sound, objects and lighting to imagine a future world where humans have burrowed underground to live.

“It is an incredible work for incredible times, speculating on the future of a world transforming before our eyes.”

That’s the take by Frankie Snowdon, celebrated local dancer, co-artistic director and performer of GUTS Dance, on a work created in Alice Springs, premiered here last night, and being performed again today and tomorrow at Araluen.

“It’s about escaping a surface world littered with crises,” says Ms Snowdon.

“We burrow into soil and stone to seek shelter.

“SUB cracks through our resistance to hope, a soft defiance in the enduring relationship of bodies and materials. 

In this place that both attracts and scares us, this wet, restless and difficult place, we engage with the terror and volatility of the living natural world.”

The performance, three years in the making, will tour to Queenstown in Tasmania in October.

Local bodies supporting the creation of the work included Red Hot Arts.

Movie clip and image by IVAN TRIGO.


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