Lambley leading in Araluen, Yan in Namatjira, postal votes now to be counted



On the count as of late on Wednesday this week, Robyn Lambley (Territory Alliance) would retain her seat of Araluen by 17 votes, defeating former Alice Springs Mayor Damien Ryan.

And Bill Yan (CLP) would take Namatjira off Labor, defeating its candidate Sheralee Taylor by a 13 votes.

The Electoral Commission says the recount for seats with margins of 100 or less votes has now been completed.

Recounts for seats including Araluen and Namatjira were undertaken on Wednesday, and the final count will be conducted on Friday this week.

“There were 457 postal votes that had been returned to the NTEC as of last mail today (Wednesday) that are yet to be counted,” says the commission.

“The final postal vote count will be immediately followed by the full distribution of preferences in each division.”

(This report was amended at 3.24am on September 3, 2020.)

Photo: Ms Lambly in 2016 during a hearing into prisons management. Mr Yan during a trek in the Himalayas.


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