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Tag: aboriginal art

Adaptive ingenuity: lessons for nation from Aboriginal artists


Against the backdrop of the raging country-wide bushfire crisis that has dominated this summer, Kieran Finnane takes a journey for mind and eye into hope at the Tarnanthi exhibition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art in Adelaide. 

Gallery reference group co-chairpersons announced

2599 Gerard Vaughan SM2599 Franchesca Cubillo SM


Franchesca Cubillo (at right), senior curator of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art at the National Gallery of Australia, and Dr Gerard Vaughan AM (at left), former director of the National Gallery of Australia, have been announced as co-chairpersons for the reference group of the National Aboriginal Art Gallery.

Breadth and depth in Alice Prize – show and winner

p2522 Alice Prize Ritchie SM
The 40th Alice Prize is "one of the widest-ranging, most comprehensive and exhaustive examples of Australian contemporary art that you will ever see", its "width and depth" summed up in the winning work chosen by judge, Brian Ritchie (yes, the Violent Femmes punk rocker). KIERAN FINNANE reports.

To die for country

p2502 War Memorial boat SM
In the Australian War Memorial a new exhibit in pride of place takes steps towards a reckoning with Australian colonial history, despite the massage of the message around it, writes KIERAN FINNANE.

The eternal chase: songlines of the Seven Sisters

p2501 Seven Sisters Dome SM

In this moment when, in the Western world at least, the tide is turning on what is permissible in men’s sexual approaches to women, it is fascinating to be taken into ancient scenarios in exactly these gender borderlands, writes KIERAN FINNANE, after her visit to the National Museum of Australia’s major exhibition, Songlines, Tracking the Seven Sisters.

Centre art stands out in SA festival

p2499s Tarnanthi Turnbull SMp2499s Tarnanthi YA face 350
Like familiar faces in a crowd, the works of Central Australian artists jump out as I visit Tarnanthi, billed as a Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art at the Art Gallery of South Australia in Adelaide, writes KIERAN FINNANE.

Desert Mob: the real deal




“Extraordinary contemporary art by some of Central Australia’s most celebrated Aboriginal artists” in a “truly unique event”  – this is almost upon us with the annual Desert Mob, no need to wait for Parrtjima. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

Tasty take on work for the dole




From roo tails to olive oil based Mediterranean food: the table is set at Finke. Story by SUZANNE VISSER.


The Aboriginal art world, an insider's view


One day Aboriginal art will be judged as one of Australia’s great gifts to the world, like jazz and Afro-American music, writes RUSSELL GUY. PHOTO of works by Central Australian painters in the Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney.

Cultural museum for Alice: That's how it could be done

p22103-Abor-Art-SA-16-SMWhile talk about an Aboriginal cultural centre in Alice Springs remains just that – talk, unless we are all being kept in the dark – and the Town Council is moving to instead plonk a multi-storey car park on the choicest piece of land in the town's centre, Aboriginal artists from The Centre are the talk of the Australian art world. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


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