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The freedom of the press still furnishes that check upon government which no constitution has ever been able to provide – Chicago Tribune.

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Off the streets to box in Darwin

By JULIUS DENNIS The Arrernte Community Boxing Academy is set to head to Darwin this Thursday for their first competitive fights of the year. On the...

Barkly has a can-do dude at the helm

By JULIUS DENNIS Jeffrey Mclaughlin sits over a Big Brekky plate laden with bacon eggs and white toast in The Red Centre Cafe in Tennant...

Huge fence around Parliament is OK: Scullion

2477 Fence 1 SM



Is an underground bunker such as Churchill had in WWII next, asks commentator. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Journalists as prostitutes

2477 Gruen 4 SM


Advertising in exchange for a good story: Corrupt journalism is OK with the Gruen panel on ABC TV (Dee Madigan and Russel Howcroft are pictured). Comment by ERWIN CHLANDA.


UPDATE September 15, 12:47pm


'Territory Labor fails to enact its own fracking policy'




When is Resources Minister Ken Vowles (pictured) going to implement a decision from the 2017 Territory Labor Conference that no fracked gas is to be carried by the Northern Gas Pipeline, asks Pauline Cass, of the Territory Frack-Free Alliance.


Burst of desert art and life in Sydney CBD

p2489 YA Wynyard SM


As commuters move through the underground corridors of Sydney CBD’s busy Wynyard Station this month, a burst of life and colour from Central Australia greets them: on a huge wide-format screen (23m x 3m), a video-installation by Yarrenyty Arltere Artists and Leonardo Ortega. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

Alice wants substantial increase in solar: survey

2476 RePower Alice Springs SMLocals want 70% to 100% of electricity to come from renewable resources, finds RePower Alice Springs.

Desert Mob: next generation always on their minds

p2488 DM photo winner SM
As an emblem of the driving force behind desert Aboriginal art, the photograph by Ikuntji Artists' Roseranna Larry, winner of the 2017 Desart Photography Prize, is eloquent. In whatever medium they are working, artists are making their art primarily for their children, “for our next generations”: this is the most repeated statement about what motivates them, as simple as it is profound. KIERAN FINNANE reports on the annual Desert Mob.

Top scorer knocks back Deputy Mayor job

2476 councillors 1 SMCouncillor Jacinta Price says she is too busy to take incumbent Jamie de Brenni's job but makes a firm commitment to serve a four year term. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO The 13th council. FRONT ROW: Marli Banks, Jacinta Price, Mayor Damien Ryan, Catherine Satour, Matt Paterson. BACK ROW: CEO Rex Mooney, Jamie de Brenni, Jimmy Cocking, Eli Melky and Glen Auricht.


'CLP rehashes fracking policy that caused its wipe-out'




Shale gas produced in the NT would be some of the world’s most expensive, and would do nothing to bring down domestic prices which have trebled in recent years, putting jobs and households under pressure, writes Lauren Mellor of the Territory Frack-Free Alliance. PHOTO from the Alice Springs News Online archive.


CLP pushes for oil & gas, including fracking




The industry should be "governed by world’s best practice and science-based regulations to protect agricultural, water and biodiversity values of the land," writes party president Shane Stone.


Ancient stories meet government silence in the Lands

2476 Frank Young 1 SM


Keeping the traditional law alive while moving his people out of welfare dependency, that's what Frank Young – lawman, artist and administrative leader – sees as his mission in the sprawling APY lands. He spoke with ERWIN CHLANDA. 

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