Valuable paintings stolen from outback gallery


Artworks worth thousands of dollars were stolen last Friday from Ali Curung, 380 km north of Alice Springs.

Police say the paintings (pictured) were taken at 1pm from outside the Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre.

They are two works by Maria Dickenson, both called miyikampi and measuring 91cm by 91cm.

Both feature a series of predominately white dots on a black background. One has blue and yellow shapes, the other red and yellow / orange lines.

Warrick Miller’s painting ngapa jukupur measures 180cm by 120cm and shows a series of white squiggly lines surrounding three dotted circles with a bold white circle in the centre.

An unnamed painted by Sonya Murphy, also 91cm by 91cm, has red and white circles.

Ali Curung police say they are working closely with the victims and the art gallery to locate the paintings and return them to the rightful owner.


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