LETTER: Looking for cousin


Sir – I am searching for my cousin Franziska Bernadette Hager b. September 14, 1959 (birth name Teresa) also know as Fran.
Adoptive parents are Anton & Josefine Hager (deceased). Birth mother Elfriede Fruzinski.
Has a sister you have been searching for named Therese b. March 25, 1961 (birth name Eleonore). In 2006 Franziska tried to contact her sister but at the time there was a block, which has since been removed.
Franziska married Mark George Williams 1982 and has possibly one or two sons. Franziska was known to have lived at Avenell Heights QLD before selling 2012 to move North to Darwin NT due to a job transfer with her partner Frank Booth.
Fran has been known to work in the sales areas of real estate and may have employment within this area.
We would dearly love anyone with any information about Franziska and can be contacted on (02) 4980 3666 work, (02) 4987 3799 home or email: mark.lauder1@bigpond.com or postal 30 McPherson Place, Raymond Terrace NSW 2324.
I would also like Franziska to know her sister is looking for her and would like to be contacted.
We would be grateful for any information.
Janine Hughes


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