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Tag: sustainable couture

Recycling fashion designers starting early

By OSCAR PERRI The next generation of sustainable fashion designers in Alice Springs will be showing off their creations at Sustainable Couture’s annual fashion show...

Sustainable and stunning with a serious message



Designers ask: “At what cost is cheap clothing and fast fashion to lives and the environment?” There is another way and it's stunning. See video!

Stem tide of waste with craft and imagination

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It’s that time of year again, when Alice audiences are treated to the product of many hours of careful craft and myriad moments of imaginative inspiration, when a piece of wood takes flight as a mythical bird, when an old blanket transforms into an elegant suit. KIERAN FINNANE  previews.

10 years of treasures from, well, very cheap stuff

2555 sustainable Jen Standish White SM



Sustainable Couture turns 10 with a sparkling evening of creativity by 10 artists with needle and thread. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Sustainable Couture turns 10 and celebrates

p2538 Sustainable Chifley Girls SM
A decade on Sustainable Couture – a creative event that’s about changing mindsets – is celebrating  its own longevity. To mark the anniversary there's an extended (free) public program, including a story-telling session in the style of the Antiques Roadshow (1 July)  an arts trail (8 July).

Refashion rhymes with passion

p2454 Sustainable Philomena SM



Apart from its ongoing commitment to recycling, the annual Sustainable Couture event celebrates the passing on of knowledge and tradition, mother to daughter. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

Couture on the wildside





A pooch helped deliver the wow factor; other animal inspiration delivered on the theme. Story and photos by KIERAN FINNANE.

Out of the shadows of showbiz


Even high-powered USA showbiz could not steal the limelight at last night's Sustainable Couture – the fashion parade dedicated to “the endless possibilities of recycling," now in its seventh year.


From gorgeous to outrageous

p2141-Couture-Sinead-orangeIt’s recycling at its most refined and at times most playful. From heirloom lace, vintage kimonos, linens and silks to old tablecloths, curtains, jumpers, unpicked, cut up, restructured, even boiled to make “fashion statements” from the gorgeous to the outrageous. The name of the process, Sustainable Couture, is also an event and once again it packed out the Aviation Museum last Thursday, the opener of a five-day celebration of textile arts. KIERAN FINNANE reports. 

Old meets new – and is transformed


Sustainable Couture proved itself again last night, with renewed inspiration from its core group of designers and inspired new designers entering the fray. The group’s commitment is to making wearable garments with flair, using recycled materials. First time exhibitor at the event, Jen Standish-White, wowed the crowd with this elegant trio, her sleek male models getting a particular welcome. KIERAN FINNANE was there.

Click FULL STORY below YouTube box.


Pictured: Hayden, Nathan and Megan  modelling; Jen Standish-White at the rear, far left, with MC Meredith Campbell.





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