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Transport Hall of Fame reunion a goer: Manager



Lester Hamilton appointed as general manager, "overwhelming support from the Alice Springs community and members of the RTHS Australia wide," writes Rosey Batt, statutory manager of the Road Transport Historical Society Inc.

Remembering nuclear past, imagining nuclear-free future

Alice Springs locals determined not to forget the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by American nuclear bombs in 1945 will come together on 6 August on the Flynn Church lawns in Todd Mall.

NT at the bottom of the barrel



New equipment investment in the Territory down 3.5% on a year ago, the trend of economic growth is down 5.4% annually and employment is down 6.6% for the year to end June 2019, writes Opposition Leader Gary Higgins.

Soy sauce now only from a bottlo


The booze controllers have a new target. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


UPDATE 4.10pm Tuesday July 30 from the Department of the Attorney-General and Justice.


UPDATE 6.25am August 2: The Department of the Attorney-General and Justice has announced a backflip late yesterday.

Why the NT Govt sacked the volunteers managing an icon


It's the National Road Transport Hall of Fame, loved by trucking enthusiasts and managed by the industry's moguls. It is in a sound financial position and not a burden on the taxpayer; on the contrary, spending millions of dollars in the town for their annual reunions. The government has turned its back on them for years. Now they pretetnd to be the saviours. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Telling the government what to do, nicely


If you think being a councillor is hard work, try riding a pushbike from Alice Springs to Melbourne. First-term local government member Matt Paterson did that to raise $20,000 for Starlight Foundation children in 2012. Now he has his work cut our balancing the Three Rs with holding the government accountable. He spoke with editor ERWIN CHLANDA.

Spying on park visitors: nothing to see here?


The NT Department of Tourism, Sport and Culture is in charge of the Kuyunba reserve adjacent to Pine Gap, but the department's Media Manager says she is unaware visitors are being spied on with a permanently installed and concealed camera, as well as a drone, and tourists are approached by security staff, as several locals are claiming. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. IMAGE from a photographic equipment website.

Breakthrough funding for Arrernte Living Culture Centre

Two and a half years after plans were first taken to Canberra, Akeyulerre Inc will get to build its Arrernte Living Culture Centre on Stuart Terrace, with the Territory Government providing $5 million dollars for the project.

Don't mix cops with fire: Union


The firies' union demands that "CEO of the Northern Territory Fire Service" is removed from the new Police Commissioner's job description "as the Police Commissioner and previous Police Commissioners have no idea, no connection nor any understanding of the operations of the Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service and the role of our dedicated firies," writes Erina Early, NT Branch Secretary, United Voice.

No-go fracking zones 'deeply flawed and farcical'



The NT Government has lied through its teeth by claiming it was upholding the recommendations of the fracking inquiry ... breaking this promise by failing to apply the criteria for no go zones fairly and faithfully across the NT ... this assessment process is death by a thousand cuts," writes Lauren Mellor (pictured) from the Protect Country Alliance.

US military base in Darwin: what risk to NT?

The Force Posture Agreement between the governments of the United States and Australia allowing up to 2500 US Marines to be based  in Darwin essentially relocates a major part of the US military forces to the Asia/Pacific area in order to confront and contain China, writes BEVAN RAMSDEN. Is that in Australia and the NT's interest?

NT Top Cop to become Australian Federal Police Commissioner



The Government will recommend to the Governor-General that Reece Kershaw APM (at left in the photo) be appointed as the eighth Australian Federal Police Commissioner, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced today.

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