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Lack of manpower stops Henley on Todd

By ERWIN CHLANDA The dry river regatta Henley on Todd, due to celebrate its 60th anniversary this year, has been cancelled because Rotary could not...

Creating a post-COVID future: Alice joins global task

By ERWIN CHLANDA In some Italian towns “celebrations of big shoulder-borne processional structures" take place on certain days, with up to 100 people carrying each...

Electric supercar at Henley on Todd

2571 electric car SM2571 Greg Partridge SM


The fuel might be cheap but the cars are not: The Tesla Model X at the Henley on Todd on Saturday. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. At right: Greg Partridge, National President of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association.

When grown persons become kids. No worries.

2572 Henley boats SM



It's not useful to be mad to take part in the Henley on Todd. It's obligatory. ERWIN CHLANDA videoed the proof. PHOTO: Close quarter combat in the battle boats. WATCH THE VIDEO.

Alice club a powerhouse of charity work

2562 Henley on Todd SM



Financial support for young students is a key objective for the Rotary Club of Alice Springs, 40 years old and a collaborator with the other two Rotary clubs in staging the iconic Henley on Todd "regatta" (pictured). ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Cranking up the economy while having a ball

2472 Henley battle 1 SM



Volunteering is a great part of the social life in Alice Springs while pumping millions of dollars into the town. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photo: The sea battle of the Henley on Todd is the climax of an annual event that attracts a crowd of 4000.


Aussies beat Yanks in Americas Cup. Vikings scare.

2468 Henley on Todd race SM



The Henley on Todd is heading for 100 in 44 years' time with its outback cheek fully intact. Story and video by ERWIN CHLANDA explain why.


Desert Festival launches with Henley-on-Todd

p2463 Festival pirates SM


The collaboration may be a win-win – an outlet for youthful creativity, revitalising the somewhat formulaic H-o-T, substantially extending what it offers, and perhaps also drawing H-o-T audiences to other festival events. KIERAN FINNANE previews the festival program.

Henley on Todd: Big kids, small kids, a ball for all

p2349 Henley 2016 battle 3 SM



Gunpowder smoke from broadsides of warring vessels (see video) and the pitter patter of little feet: It's all part of the town's longest lived crazy tourist draw card. ERWIN CHLANDA was there.


High and dry but having a ball




A regatta that turns grown-ups into kids as 4500 people are watching in amazement.


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