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Administrators untangle web of native title group's businesses



The special administrators appointed to the Alice Springs native title organisation Lhere Artepe are untangling a web of commercial entities whose formation and management has led to years of bitter conflict in the town's Aboriginal community. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Mount Johns subdivision promoted: Mr Pearce is at the right.

Louts hassle shop keepers, customers in Mall



An Alice Springs local says he is concerned about crimes by juveniles in the Todd Mall. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Adam Giles' squandered opportunity



Adam Giles wooed Alison Anderson to join the CLP, yet in government has not known how to work with her. The current debacle is a very poor reflection on his leadership and on the Territory’s political culture. I say the Territory, rather than Country Liberal, because Labor did not know how to work with her either. Does this mean she is impossible? If that’s your conclusion then you’re admitting defeat in one of the most important challenges facing the Territory, just at a time when it looked like progress was being made, comments KIERAN FINNANE.

More trouble at DASA






The Alice Springs News Online understands that the Drug and Alcohol Services Association (DASA) has sacked its CEO, Margo MacGregor. President Michael Gehring (pictured) declined to comment. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

'Boneless hand varial' at first Alice skateboarding titles




This is Dakota performing a "boneless hand varial" at the Alice Springs Skateboarding Titles: The skill of some skaters is exceeded only by the quirkiness of the names they give to their tricks. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Tourist park product of thinking big, while pancakes add charm


What we are doing best in Alice Springs is giving visitors a great time, and in that endeavour the grand champion is indisputably Brendan Heenan. Now 30 years old, his MacDonnell Range Holiday Park is a product of thinking big whilst the little things – such as Sunday morning pancakes for all – give it its charm. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Will Alison's antics put paid to the CLP's chances?



Will Alison Anderson's antics stand in the way of the message from the Bush, calling for development, jobs, better infrastructure and most of all, individual rights, individual ownership and equality, regardless of race, a sense of equality and inclusion?

Turn the photo into reality


"Your shop can look like this." That's the message this giant photo aims to convey to potential lessees of the vacant shop at the Todd Mall entrance to the Alice Plaza Shopping Centre, according to its property manager, Tony Bowes.

Central Desert makes school attendance council business

A new School Attendance Policy adopted by the Central Desert Regional Council ensures that activities for school aged kids run by the Council on nights preceding school days are finished by no later than 8.30pm. It also mobilises council resources such as Night Patrol to help get kids home at night. And council will not support community events and sporting carnivals that interrupt school days.

Plans for mall project continue despite government 'no'




The NT Government has declined to contribute $2m to a $70m project in Todd Mall, but the Town Council and the Uniting Church continue with their plans. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Marvellous Alice hangs in there, in the face of adversity



Pollies brawl, developers cross their fingers, traders hardly trade, drinkers kill, and everyone wants their own law. Yet – somehow – bloody marvellous Alice survives.

The Jam Nights are dead. Long live the Jam Nights!



After 30 years the Todd Tavern has shut its doors to the Monday Jam Nights of the Alice Springs Desert Music Club. But don't despair, the club is far from over, merely taking a short break, with plans to restart mid-May at the Memo Club!

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