Children’s Ground gets large Federal grant



Children’s Ground in Alice Springs has been given a Federal grant of $793,000 to support employment opportunities for first nations women living with violence in Central Australia, according to a media release.

“I am delighted to have secured this funding,” CLP Senator Sam McMahon says, about this and a $45,000 project in Darwin.

“Every dollar invested in these projects will help build a safer, more prosperous future for women and girls.”

It is understood the organisation is mostly focussed on education of small children using Central Australian languages and traditional skills and knowledge.

The organisation’s website suggests that as well. The group did not reply to a request for information about what the money will be used for.

Minister for Women Marise Payne says in the release the national program “has a clear focus on boosting women’s employment opportunities and supporting women’s safety. 40,000 Australian women are expected to benefit from these important projects, including women from diverse backgrounds and those at high risk of long‑term unemployment.

“Opportunities will be created for women to up-skill and enter traditionally male dominated industries including non-traditional trades, aviation, construction and coding as well as progress to leadership positions.”

IMAGE from the Children’s Ground website.


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