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Berrimah Line the winner in Blain

The Blain by-election was a resounding victory for the Berrimah Line: the government can continue doing what most NT administrations have been doing since self-government, namely treating Alice Springs with contempt.
It’s one of the enduring mysteries why we always think the next government is going to be different. Both parties have been leaving us out in the cold, for exactly the same reason: Alice, at least in NT polls, will always vote conservative, so why bother?
As the three bush members broke away from the Country Liberals, one might have hoped that The Alice would have given some thought to turning the bush vs Darwin movement into a “the rest” vs Darwin movement. Not so.
For that to occur it would require leadership which we just do not have.
Nothing like that will happen until the town’s main lobbies, the Town Council, Chamber of Commerce, Tourism CA, Congress and ALEC join forces to promote a vision for Central Australia.
Should they combine, their influence would be awesome. Our under-performing MLAs would need to dance to our tune, not we to theirs.


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