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‘Major Project’ is ready to go – except for the money


Chief Minister touts planned tungsten mine as "jobs jackpot for Central Australia" while none of the $43m is locked in as yet. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


UPDATE July 11, 6am: Minister Dale Wakefield says "there are not shortcuts through our processes" and so far as she knows, the government is not putting any money into the venture.

Garnet mine in administration – again




Some 30 people are understood to be losing their jobs in Harts Range mine. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Image courtesy The West Australian.

Billion dollar mine inching closer to reality

2627 Nolans Arafura 2 SM



The money isn't in the bank yet but Arafura Resources is soliciting “indicative costs” for motel-style accommodation on site for use during shifts and initially, construction. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

OK from environment watchdog for Ammaroo phosphate mine

2591 Verdant Mineral 1 SM


Plans by Verdant Mineral Limited are nearer to reality for produce fertiliser 270km north-east of Alice Springs over 25 years: Up to 300 jobs to build the mine, 150 to run it.

Mine gets provisional OK from environment regulator

2503 Nolans 4 SM



A rare earths mine north of Alice Springs employing 300 people during operations and up to 500 during construction is getting closer to reality but potential contaminants and radioactive materials warrant "independent technical review and operational oversight," says the NT Environment Protection Authority. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

No risk from uranium, thorium at mine near Alice: chairman



Radioactive uranium and thorium to be stored near the proposed Nolans Bore rare earth mine (pictured), 135 kms north of Alice Springs, will present no danger to the public, says Arafura Resources chairman, Ian Kowalick. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: The site of the proposed mine.

Salt mine a great opportunity for Titjikala?

Salt deposits in thick beds and domes have been found near Titjikala, on Maryvale Station, 120 kilometers south of Alice Springs.

The deposit is believed to be one of Australia's largest and and will provide its first underground salt mine, according to the managing director of Tellus Holdings, Duncan van der Merwe.
He says: "The project should also provide substantial research and business opportunities for Alice Springs  business and research institutions, including community development, Indigenous employment and  training, renewable energy and micro-business opportunities, such as bush foods.

Tellus is also looking at a processing and packaging plant for edible gourmet salts and other  specialty salt products that could be in Alice Springs.

Mr van der Merwe said salt mining is a low impact activity that would have a small surface footprint and little visual impact.

“Tellus is planning an initial mine life of 25 years, which is likely to be extended by another 25  years. However the underground deposit is so huge that the potential mine life is virtually limitless,” Mr van der Merwe said. (Media release)


PHOTOS: A salt mine project may breathe some life into the main street of Titjikala. Photo courtesy MacDonnell Shire. "Room mining" in a salt mine in Canada.

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