Thursday, June 17, 2021

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Dob in a graffiti vandal, says town council

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$1500 reward for information leading to a conviction, writes Council CEO Rex Mooney.


'Trespassers' on Commonwealth land spray fracking graffiti

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Not us, says Frack Free Alliance. Police are seeking witnesses. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


The council and the good side of graffiti




The town council has its problems with graffiti but next month it was going to co-sponsor a workshop teaching it. Until it changed its mind, that is. DANIELLE deBRENNI reports.


Graffiti vandalism in mall


Police are investigating the vandalising of several signs and shopfronts in the Todd Street Mall over the weekend.

Young dancers make their mark


Instead of skating or biking dare-devils on the edge of the half-pipe, it's a crowd of parents and friends. They've come down to the Alice Springs Skate Park to watch Sprung, a new youth dance group. As the sun goes down, there's a familiar rattling sound. The first dancers emerge, shaking out a rhythm: the rattle is from the all but empty spraycans in their  hands. They brandish them almost like a weapon, they inscribe bold flourishes in the air. The image is clear: this is about making your mark, as is spelled out in the overall title for the piece, Graffiti. KIERAN FINNANE went to last Friday's performance. Click on FULL STORY for video.

Making decisions: it's a tough business

An audience of aspiring aldermen, roller derby enthusiasts and media watched the Town Council get back into business last night, with its first meeting of the year and one of the last for its term. With local government elections looming at the end of March, it was instructive: we saw aldermen struggling to make firm decisions, to reach consensus, to be consistent, to identify problems of enforcement and budgetary constraints ... and to get through the agenda in a timely fashion (the open meeting didn't finish till around 10pm and there was still quite a bit of confidential business to get through).

The issue of the night was about allowing the growing local roller derby league access to the basketball stadium, with aldermen going for the soft option of supporting the league to find another venue. There were also lengthy deliberations about graffiti removal, which must have had  some aldermen wondering  why council took the heat on its new graffiti by-laws when they appear not to have been enforced.


Pictured: Vacant Commonwealth bank building in Parsons Street this week. It's been attracting graffiti and paste-ups for months with no action from council.

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