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Dob in a graffiti vandal, says town council

p1905graffitishopperLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – The Alice Springs Town Council is encouraging residents to report a vandal, offering a reward $1,500 reward for information that leads to a conviction.
This anti-vandalism incentive was introduced in November 2004. With Council spending approximately $3,000 each week mending graffiti and wanton vandalism, this is a needless pressure on the public purse. Worst of all, it’s preventable.
Reports can be made by email, calling 8950 0500, or logging the report through the Council’s website. All information is confidential and legal action will be pursued where appropriate.
Council understands the community too has had enough of these malicious acts, so we are asking residents to be vigilant.
Rex Mooney
CEO Alice Springs Town Council



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