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Labor’s $4 billion deal: Gas and solar, a bob each way?

By ERWIN CHLANDA and JULIUS DENNIS The NT Government is spending vast amounts of money on two initiatives in direct opposition to each-other. On the one...

Making going solar so much harder


New rules are likely to make home owners, investors think twice about becoming electricity generators. SPECIAL REPORT by TIM BRAND.

Power problems: Reporting inadequate, warnings disregarded




Firing bosses won't fix root cause of power problems, writes Monica Tan from Repower NT Manager for the Environment Centre NT: "Solar energy is not to blame here."

Four years after power warnings, old engines still carry load


Four years after alarming predictions by former Chief Minister Adam Giles for the electricity supply in Alice Springs, 10 new gas fired engines bought by his government are still not up to speed. Tim Brands, from RePower Alice Springs, asks why. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


UPDATE 1:15pm July 16: Reply from TGen CEO Tim Duignan.

Without old power station we’d be 'stuffed': ETU

p2443 Ron Goodin SM


The noisy Ron Goodin power station on the edge of the posh Golfcourse Estate is still essential for keeping the lights on in Alice Springs, writes Dave “Strawbs” Hayes, ETU NT Organiser.


UPDATE April 24: Statement from Territory Generation.

Subsidised electricity: the goose and the gander

2584 Ayers Rock Resort SM



While the Granites gold mines get no help from the NT Government with it massive power bills, the Ayers Rock Resort  – the major competitor of Alice Springs in the tourism market – is subsidised by the public. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Realistic Re-Power Alice plan for 100% solar

2567 silico SM



How many renewable electricity sources are there? And how many ways of storing it? How much time have you got, asks RICHARD BENTLEY. 

Big solar prospects but can the network take it?

2544 RePower SM


The NT Government's Territory Generation is working on a major deal with community organisation RePower Alice, reports ERWIN CHLANDA. Photo: Members of the group in high spirits.

Delays with electricity generators in Alice, Tennant



Handover of Territory Generation's new engines (similar to the ones pictured) in Alice Springs and Tennant Creek power stations is delayed and no dates are given for it. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Gas deal: They can't blame Giles for this one!

p1933 Henderson SM


The Henderson Labor government saddled the Territory taxpayer with a deal ending in 2035 to buy gas, which it may not need, from an Italian company at a time when it seems hard to read the fickle market a fortnight ahead, let alone 15 years. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Paul Henderson (centre) with Labor candidates (from left) Adam Findlay, Rowan Foley and Deborah Rock and a journalist.


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