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Tags CBD revitalisation

Tag: CBD revitalisation

Repairing social relations, repairing infrastructure

By KIERAN FINNANE The best ways to revitalise the Alice Springs CBD may well come from moves other than public works – notoriously slow anyway....

Race-based curfew – exhibition reminds town of not-so-distant past

By KIERAN FINNANE When ideas about curfew and other forms of discriminatory social control are bandied around, it’s worth reflecting on the lived experience of...

‘Greener, safer, cooler’ CBD designs released



Even more CCTV and lighting, including in this space on Leichhardt Terrace, but also street trees and shade structures are features.

Your CBD, their plans



At the eleventh hour, the public will finally see the designs for work intended to "revitalise" the CBD. KIERAN FINNANE comments.

Your ideas for the CBD sought, again

p2499h CBD walkway 430p2499h CBD Melanka concept
The government's vision is wrapped up in a couple of minutes in a corporate-style video, leaving more questions than answers, and the public gets its say in an online survey. At stake, the expenditure of $20m and the future of the town centre.  KIERAN FINNANE reports.

CBD revitalisation: no need to reinvent the wheel


Less than a decade ago extensive community consultations were held to establish direction for revitalising the centre of Alice Springs. Very little of what was put forward at the time has been implemented, including very little of what had the strongest level of support – a focus on people and activity. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

Fossil museum set to return to the CBD

p2429 (1632) Alcoota Croc skull SM


The eight million year old fossils recovered from Alcoota – once upon a time on display in the museum located in the Alice Plaza – will make their way back to a CBD venue in a $1.5m initiative announced by Braitling MLA Dale Wakefield.

‘Revitalised’ mall gets big tick from NT Architecture Awards




Alice Springs has dominated the NT Architecture Awards announced last Friday, with Susan Dugdale and Associates taking out the top award, plus awards for urban design, steel architecture and commercial architecture. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

How can we all be winners?


KIERAN FINNANE talks to three candidates for the upcoming Town Council election.


Work together, get past the difficulty of differences of opinion, work with the whole community, for the good of the whole community: sounds obvious, sound perhaps soft, but it was a message delivered with convincing emphasis from all three Town Council candidates I spoke to for this article.

They are an assorted lot. Greater diversity is on the cards with the change to the way votes are counted in local government elections, and perhaps the likelihood of a diverse council is delivering candidates who welcome the opportunity of working with its inevitable challenges.

Despite their varied backgrounds, Aaron Dick, Dianne Logan and Matthew Campbell share a number of broad aims: rejuvenation of the town centre, doing what council can to stimulate business in the CBD, developing a greater connection with the river, protection of mature trees, much more shade, more activities for young people.

Alcohol policy and flood mitigation – in this, the year when the 20 year moratorium on a flood mitigation dam north of the Telegraph Station will be lifted –  were recognised as thorny, perhaps the latter even more than the former.

While none wanted to comment too much on the mayoral race, all expressed respect for the way Mayor Damien Ryan has handled his role.

Pictured, from top: Aaron (Charlie) Dick – we need more trees and shade throughout the town, and fewer carparks in the CBD!  • Dianne Logan – "Let's get it happening!", she says of rejuvenation of the CBD .

Chainsaw rules in Parsons Street

Mature trees, including red gums, have been chopped down in the ANZ carpark on the corner of Parsons Street and Leichardt Terrace. Yet these very trees were supposed to be protected for their contribution to the Parsons Street "biodiversity corridor" that is envisaged as part of the revitalisation of the CBD.

The plans for this and other projects identified after a three year consultation process are currently on display at the Town Council, which has $5m in its kitty to start the work.

The idea of the biodiversity corridor is to connect the ancient red gum west of the Sails with the Todd River. Mike Gillam was commissioned to develop a creative brief for the project and wrote about it extensively for this site on October 13.
In the brief he advises specifically that we "protect existing mature red gums including those in the carpark behind ANZ. These provide a vital stepping point in the sightline between the [ancient red gum] and the river". It's now too late. Pictured: The scene of destruction this afternoon. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

UPDATE: See below for statement from the landowner, Yeperenye Pty Ltd.

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