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An artist’s New York

By KIERAN FINNANE It’s hard to think about New York now without the looming shadow of the pandemic. The city is in the grip of...

Making good our dreams of home

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The many ideas, memories, emotions brought into the room in Jennifer Taylor's exhibition, Dream of Home, create a common ground around something that is fundamental for each one of us here in Central Australia, a sense of being at home here with one another, Aboriginal and other Australians – on our best days, our collective dream. KIERAN FINNANE reviews.

The art of collecting




A long-term loan and a generous donation have brought two key works into the Araluen collections, from which three new shows grace the galleries for the summer. A surprise performance marked their opening.  KIERAN FINNANE reports.

Into Blue – from the front line of climate change



An exhibition by artist Suzi Lyon, drawing on several visits to the Arctic, is a call to action, JIMMY COCKING told the opening night audience.

Place caught in transmission




How can you recognise place in a work of abstract art? Wayne Eager's exhibition invites us to do so, writes Kieran Finnane.


Go figure – Town Council wants to give away its art collection




For almost 50 years the Alice Springs Art Foundation and the Central Australian Art Society have been building an art collection of national scope. They donated it to the Alice Springs Town Council, to be held on behalf of the community. Now the council wants to get rid of it.  KIERAN FINNANE reports.


Mad hatters come out to play in Alice



Here's a Mad Hatter's riddle for you: Where's the world's largest festival celebrating the art of keeping your head warm? No, not in the frigid climes of Scandinavia or Alaska but here in Alice, centre of the desert heartland of Australia. This year’s Beanie Festival was the 18th and Friday’s opening night at the Araluen Arts Centre was attended by thousands sharing in the head-warming festivities, catching a glimpse of the mad hats on show and sipping wine, chai and coffee with old friends and new. RACHEL McFADDEN reports.

Unpackers call it for Alice Prize


Unpackers, community volunteers all, have chosen their winning work from a field of 65 for this year's Alice Prize, a national prize for contemporary art. History by Faridah Cameron from  Tasmania, is their pick, a "jaw-dropping" acrylic painting, especially when viewed up close, they say. The official winner will be announced at the opening this Friday (May 9).

Never ending story: Desert Mob 2013






From Aboriginal art centres across the deserts comes one of the most significant interfaces between Central Australia and the rest of the world. KIERAN FINNANE reports from Desert Mob, the exhibition and the symposium.


Pictured: Warmurrungu by Nyarapayi Giles, Tjarlirli Arts.

View from the air




How right artist Deborah Clarke is to focus on the view from on high, where we’re no longer seeing to our measure but momentarily can take in something of the spaciousness and grand movements of the landscape.  Ancient (diptych) and the handmade books, Above Ruby Gap, and Above Ormiston Gorge, encompass these very large views, with a beckoning perspective. KIERAN FINNANE reviews Clarke's exhibition Up in the air.

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