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The freedom of the press still furnishes that check upon government which no constitution has ever been able to provide – Chicago Tribune.

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Escapee recaptured




Alice Springs police have recaptured 22-year-old escapee Andreas Bush. See story update.



Education funding doesn't add up: COGSO

Our schools are not better off under the global budget allocations, as promised by the Minister of Education Peter Chandler writes Gerard Reid, President NT COGSO.

Full steam ahead on gas while tourism languishes




While Adam Giles is gambling our money on resource ventures, his government's massively funded tourism promoter has little more to offer than poolside cocktails. COMMENT by ERWIN CHLANDA.


Being a cowboy: not all it’s made out to be



Mount Riddock Station, 100 kilometres north-east of Alice Springs was one of the first cattle properties in Central Australia. In 1959 I was headed there for a job as a ringer. PETER LATZ, botanist, author, continues his recall of adventures in the bush and with traditional owners. Mr Latz, at left in the photo, is pictured with TV personality  Costa Georgiadis.


A new railway station, hotel in Whittaker Street?




Chief Minister Adam Giles is looking for expressions of interest to build a commercial complex in Whittaker Street that may include a new railway station and a hotel.



Give Alice a thought over the holiday season



It’s that time of the year when the Alice Springs News Online, over Christmas and New Year, brings you opinion pieces from locals from all walks of life, reflections on all that’s good (and not so good) in our region.


UPDATE December 5. Statement from Chief Minister Adam Giles on fracking report.

Giles neglects sign-off for community grants, says Labor




The chaos and dysfunction in the CLP Government is delaying sign off on important funding agreements, writes Natasha Fyles, Shadow Minister for Government Accountability.


Sensible infrastructure for the NT?

With the fire sale of TIO having proceeded, local CLP supporters are agitating for Adam Giles’ government to invest in what they call “sensible infrastructure”. Haven't we seen it all before? GUEST COMMENT by BOB DURNAN.


Tomcat and Turpentine Bush: adventures in the Tanami



Where in the hell have those old men disappeared to? An important question, because there we were, hundreds of kilometres from anywhere, deep in the middle of the Tanami Desert, only to find that our three Aboriginal guides had just vanished into thin air! PETER LATZ, botanist, author, recalls adventures in the bush with traditional owners.


Release fracking report before pipeline deals: ALEC

Chief Minister Adam Giles should immediately release the findings of the NT Hydraulic Fracturing Inquiry handed to him late last week, write Jimmy Cocking, Director Arid Lands Environment Centre, and Tanya Hall, Central Australian Frack-free Coordinator.

Release full fracking report, says Opposition




The Giles Government needs to immediately release the full Hawke Report into Hydraulic Fracturing in the NT rather than hiding it from the public, writes Nicole Manison, Shadow Minister for the Environment.


Giles, Conlan reduce Alice Springs to a mere dot




Tourism promotion: Giles, Conlan reduce Alice Springs to a dot on the map (we put in the arrow). ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


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