Police seek information on rock throwing


Sir – Police are seeking public assistance about a series of rock throwing incidents in Alice Springs last night.
We received 11 reports of rock throwing incidents in the CBD between 9pm Thursday and 3am today (Friday).
The majority of the reports related to rocks being thrown at passing vehicles while five of the reports related to property damage.
Throwing rocks at passing vehicles is extremely dangerous and the consequences can be fatal. Those caught engaging in this illegal behaviour can face significant penalties including up to four years in prison.
Police urge the community to be vigilant and report all rock throwing incidents as they occur.
Anyone who sees or believes there might be people involved in rock throwing please call Police and notify them of the location.
Anyone who may have any information in relation to any rock throwing incidents is urged to contact Police on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
Police will have a heightened presence in Alice Springs CBD from tonight to target rock throwing and other related incidents.
The patrols will continue throughout the weekend and include members from General Duties, Community and Engagement and Southern Investigation Division.
Senior Sergeant Siiri Tennosaar
Alice Springs Police


  1. A group of indigenous youths threw rocks at a white small hatch back type car around 8:30 tonight near Monties.

  2. Going out at night now involves negotiating how to drive home avoiding the ‘]”hot spots” on Stott Tce and Wills Tce adjoining respectively Anzac AND Billy Goat Hills. Clearly it can happen anywhere, anytime. The kids have learned there are few, if any consequences.
    The town seems to have rejected a youth curfew so seems we have to deal with this.
    The underage kids know they can get away with almost anything whatever the police do or say.
    Until the so called “carers” are financially accountable this will continue. Our policy makers are not moved by our concerns.


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