Giles' failure adds fuel to farce


p1819lawriedeliaLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir –  The CLP Government immediately should at the very least conduct an independent Judicial Inquiry under the Inquiries Act into serious allegations of interference in a criminal investigation that led to the resignation of former Police Commissioner John McRoberts.
It beggars belief that the Chief Minister Adam Giles was unaware of these concerns prior to January 9 when he has also admitted he’d heard “rumours”.
What rumours and when?
If Adam Giles had heard rumours concerning the former Police Commissioner and he then failed to act he should resign.
This is a grave matter that is descending into farce and impacting on the reputation of the Northern Territory.
I am concerned that the CLP Government had not admitted that the Commissioner for Public Interest Disclosure had to step aside because of a conflict of interest until after it was exposed by the NT News.
How is it acceptable that a matter of such grave concern is now split between three Government agencies, each with separate powers, rather than a single independent judicial Inquiry?
If the CLP Government don’t instigate an independent judicial inquiry then the Labor Opposition will move a motion to create on in the February Sittings of Parliament in a fortnight that has powers to question the Chief Minister about what he knew and when.
Territorians deserve to have these serious allegations investigated with transparency, independence and accountability by an independent judicial officer who has the powers to question Ministers of the Crown.
Opposition Leader Delia Lawrie


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