TIO sale is betrayal, says Lawrie


Sir – The CLP betrayed Territorians in deciding to sell TIO without a mandate and against overwhelming public calls to keep our insurance safety net.
The decision to sell TIO to German insurer Allianz and the banking arm to People’s Choice shows the CLP has utter contempt for Territorians.
Our unelected Chief Minister, Adam Giles, clearly doesn’t care about representing Territorians who overwhelmingly are strongly opposed to the sale of TIO.
This is a sale motivated by greed, with the CLP desperate for a quick cash-grab to splash $150 million prior to the next general election.
The CLP have torn up democracy to pursue profits before people. They have no mandate to sell TIO and are ignoring the impact it will have on families and businesses across the Northern Territory.
TIO is a profitable business that provides and insurance safety net for families and businesses in high risk areas of flood and storm surge and provides a competitive product which keeps cyclone coverage affordable.
The Giles spin on selling TIO hasn’t revealed how long sale conditions remain in place to keep the TIO brand, product coverage, jobs and corporate sponsorship in place.
Is it a three-year condition of sale as indicated on 7.30 NT by Deputy Chief Minister Peter Chandler?
Show us the details of the sale of our TIO, Mr Giles.
How much will Territorians pay Allianz to manage our Motor Accidents Compensation Scheme?
Why has the CLP ignored thousands of Territorians, the Chamber of Commerce, Motor Vehicle Traders and the Federal Government’s Pivot North report which all were arguments against the sale of TIO?
Why hasn’t the CLP held forums throughout the Territory and sought a mandate for sale by holding a referendum?
Territorians are outraged that the CLP Government are pushing ahead with the TIO sale and showing utter contempt for their needs and views.
Delia Lawrie
Leader of the Opposition


  1. Let’s not forget now Delia, you and Henderson were also wanting to sell TIO.
    Granted, the way it was sold by Giles was disgraceful, but what has he done that isn’t? It is Giles’ incompetence that will hand you back the keys to the CM office?
    It’s high time you start preparing for that and offering Alice some real substance for a change.
    If you can’t, get out and let the competent Nicole Madison stand in.
    The only hope we had left within the CLP was Chandler. Yet, like his so called leader, through education, he’s also stuffed it. They’re all drunk on their own illusions of self importance and egos.


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