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Bonanni's message to fellow councillors, town

Councillor and Deputy Mayor Elect Kylie Bonanni (pictured) addressed her fellow councilors and the town in a media release this morning after sparks flew at the meeting on Monday.
She said: “We each hold diverse and often opposing views to issues that come before the Council for consideration. Our discussions are passionate, lively, and sometimes heated which often draws the attention of the media.
“Clearly, putting a group of people with strong and differing beliefs into the same room and asking them to reach agreement, is going to cause sparks. But that’s the beauty of democracy.
“We have been elected to represent the fantastic people of Alice Springs and we are as diverse as the town’s population. I thank you for challenging my opinions and beliefs on issues.
“While we may disagree on issues, I respect and admire each of you and I am grateful for the opportunity in serving alongside you.”
Addressing “the residents of our town” Cr Bonanni said: “Thank you for the opportunity you have given me. Every email, every call, every time I am stopped in the street and you take the time to tell me what is worrying you, I appreciate the time you take to reach out and tell me what is important to you.
“I stepped up to Council because quite frankly and as corny as it may sound, I love Alice Springs. I am proud to call myself a Local. The good, the bad, the funny, the quirky – it’s what makes Alice great and I want it to thrive again.
“I am committed to my role and I ask for your support and the chance to show you what I can do. With your help we can work together and make a difference.
“Finally, but definitely not least, I would like to acknowledge that this would not have been possible without the love and support of my husband Fabio, my beautiful kids who amaze me every day, Tessa, Gemma and Jacob, and to the family and friends (they know who they are), who help behind the scenes and remind me to trust my instincts – thank you.”


  1. I would like to add my congratulations to the many flowing Cr Bonanni’s way.
    In my opinion, what Alice Springs needs from its Council is two-fold. We need the nuts and bolts of the job – the roads, the rates (sigh) and the rubbish – to continue to be handled efficiently.
    And we need a continuing focus on innovative measures to advance Alice’s stature. Here I am thinking of two measures pursued successfully by the current Council – free wi-fi in the Todd Mall, and leading the charge for an NT container deposit scheme.
    I have every confidence Cr Bonanni will continue in the impressive footsteps of her predecessors.

  2. And we trust Councillor Bonanni does NOT follow in the muddy footsteps of her predecessors but continues in her own forthright way as her magic family have done for over 50 years, to represent all her constituents, and NOT to be intimidated ever, by the over vocal minority of armchair “experts”, as usually seen on this forum.
    Courtesy of Facebook, a great deal of we expats forced to desert Alice, now have instant vision of her most difficult endeavours.
    We wish you the best, Kylie Bonanni.

  3. Yawn … Well done Cr Bonanni with all the thank yous and normal jargon of moving forward. My question, which should be your words, is, when you say “want it (Alice) to thrive again” … And “with your help we can work together to make a difference” … What does that mean?
    What is your vision to make this happen? What are the nuts and bolts to get to this? What steps need to be taken?
    We ALL know something needs to happen. I’m not being difficult, these are just answers and visions I would expect from any leadership, i.e. Mayor and Deputy.
    Your opportunities as an Alice team are huge – as the answers to these questions certainly aren’t coming from the CLP leadership or their so called Plan for Alice!
    A duo that finally, genuinely gets this right (i.e. a plan with actual measurable substance) will engage the public to believe in them.
    The rest (jargon) has just become “the norm” from all sides and angles of politics.


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