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The freedom of the press still furnishes that check upon government which no constitution has ever been able to provide – Chicago Tribune.

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Cause for hope: notes from the NT Writers Festival

p2634 NTWF Children's SMp2634 NTWF Massy SM
‘Returning’ – in Arrernte, ‘lyapirtneme’ – something growing back, like new shoots after fire: this was the theme of the NT Writers Festival that took place over the weekend. But how much renewal can there be when the pressures are immense?  KIERAN FINNANE found some resilient and optimistic responses.

Counsel of despair: Strehlow on recognition of Customary Law 

p2518 TGH Strehlow & Bible group SM



TGH Strehlow died swimming against the tide when it came to the turbulent issue of recognition of customary law, but the tide has since turned. Senior lawyer RUSSELL GOLDFLAM provides an overview and points to a way forward.

Pine Gap and the Nobel prize the Oz government ignores

2465 Pine Gap 1 SMp2220-Russell-Goldflam-SM



The role of our spy base under Trump who wants to increase the US nuclear arsenal tenfold. Local peace activist RUSSELL GOLDFLAM comments.


On youth prisons: grandmothers, reformers, revolutionaries

p2495 Prisons Kngwarraye sisters SM

p2495 Prisons Christine Palmer, Debbie Kilroy 430


Police violence and arrests, particularly of Dylan Voller and his mother Joanne, at last week’s Shut Youth Prisons protest have overshadowed the group’s broader messages. KIERAN FINNANE reports.


UPDATE, 6 October 2017, 4pm.


'A feast of art, a spread of characters'



From 33 works on show in the annual Portrait of a Senior Territorian Art Award, only three could be winners. KIERAN FINNANE reports the judges' short-list of six and the many tributes paid to the late artist Iain Campbell (his last self-portrait pictured).

Hard day in court ends with gesture of catharsis




Making witnesses squirm is all in a day's work for barrister RUSSELL GOLDFLAM but appearing before the Royal Commission he found himself on the receiving end. The barrister, who is also a talented musician, is the fourth writer in our Rest & Reflection series.


Despite protests Pine Gap bigger, more powerful than ever



The biggest and hardest lesson from past campaigns is that we are now much further from closing Pine Gap than we were (or at least we thought we were) 30 years ago, writes RUSSELL GOLDFLAM.

'TROUBLE mirrors our ugly parts: we can learn from this.'


When a mob beat Kumunjayi Pollard to death, when Ed Hargrave was fatally stabbed, when Kwementyaye Ryder died at the hands of five men, and Liam Jurrah attacked women, two "dark and dangerous fluids" were running through our town: one was blood, the other grog. They also run through Kieran Finnane's book.

10 reasons why Daniel's Law is bad for victims




Publishing sex offenders' details on the internet will do no good, and cause significant harm, writes RUSSELL GOLDFLAM, President of the Criminal Lawyers Association.


Cyclone John: Police Commissioner's trail of destruction



The political and legal cyclone which whirled in following the resignation of Northern Territory Police Commissioner John McRoberts on January 15 is still wreaking havoc: The fat lady hasn’t even walked onstage yet, let alone started singing. COMMENT by By RUSSELL GOLDFLAM (pictured), President, Criminal Lawyers Association of the NT.


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