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The freedom of the press still furnishes that check upon government which no constitution has ever been able to provide – Chicago Tribune.

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That 000 call: Top cop to get answers

Two big questions remain about the police response on the night when the manager of the tennis centre, Matt Roberts, was under siege by an armed mob threatening to kill him: How long did it take 000 to get through to the police, and how long did it take for the police to despatch a unit to the scene? New police Commander in Alice Springs, Kate Vanderlaan, who has served in Alice Springs for several years previously, says she will get answers. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Mr Roberts in the tennis club room where he was under siege and phoned 000.

"In which state is Alice Springs," asks 000 operator as armed thugs threaten to kill





"In which state is Alice Springs?" No, this wasn't the irritating question by a cold caller from New Delhi.
It was what tennis club manager Matt Roberts was asked by the woman responding to his 000 call while he was under siege, for nearly an hour, from a gang of armed, rampaging youths. PHOTO: A piece of timber used as a weapon in the assault. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Amnesty replies

Amnesty International Australia,
through their Campaigns Director, Andrew Beswick, has made the following
brief statement in response to KIERAN FINNANE's analysis of their report,
The Lands Hold Us. The report criticises changes in government policy,
particularly since the NT Intervention, that have affected Aboriginal
homelands and outstations, especially in the Utopia area.

Says Mr Beswick:-

As a human rights organisation, our role is to point out where
government policies fall short of the international human rights
standards they have committed to uphold.  Unsurprisingly then,
we are looking at the future of the more than 500 homeland and other
smaller Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory, through that

Governments are the ones that are predominantly responsible for
making sure our human rights are fulfilled.  And it is this
notion of accountability, along with these international standards, that
inform our recommendations for government action in our report ‘The land holds us’: Aboriginal peoples’ right to traditional homelands in the Northern Territory.

Rather than the “victim status” we have been accused of assigning to
Aboriginal peoples, we advocate strongly for the right to free, prior
and informed consent to be respected and provide a platform for the
powerful voices of those directly affected by these government policies
in our campaign.

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