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A touch of light: at home among the corkwoods

"A quick survey of the town’s street trees reveals a landscape architect’s worst nightmare. It took a century of effort, mostly uncoordinated, of overlapping Government departments, Federal, Territory and Local to provide this expensive, high maintenance, botanically weak sense of place," writes MIKE GILLAM.

Government fails to protect major tourism asset

p1938-Larapinta-Trail-Peter SM



The West MacDonnell Ranges have now been ravaged by fire for the third time in two decades: Fire scientist Peter Latz (pictured) says the NT Government isn't spending enough money on precautionary burns during the winter, leaving a catastrophic fuel load for the hot months. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Aboriginal teenagers: stop spoiling them




Bring back the long and arduous schooling of initiation, in a new and relevant form, writes renowned botanist PETER LATZ in our Rest & Reflection series. Photo by MIKE GILLAM of Mr Latz in his lovingly cared for rural block which has dozens of native plants.


Volunteers create native seed banks in buffel fight

p2353 Rotary buffel SM




Pockets of native grasses providing seed banks could be key to a strategy for defeating buffel. PHOTO: Stuart Rotary Club member Richard Bentley is heading up volunteers working near Wallaby Gap on the Larapinta Trial. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Latz honoured as NT's top landcarer




Long before the term 'landcare' was coined in the 1990s, Peter Latz had dedicated himself to doing just that.

Olive Pink turns 30, ambitious future ahead



Olive Pink Botanical Gardens, Alice's "globally unique treasure," turns 30. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Chairperson for 10 years Libby Prell, addressing guests on Thursday.


Searching for Kurlpulunu



"Engineer Jack he told us that the plant played a big part in Yapa mythology and that the dreaming connected to it involved a big bird (“as big as an aeroplane”) that caused the death of dingoes." PETER LATZ, author and botanist, continues his account of adventures in the bush with traditional owners.

Peter Latz: The adventure of my life




"Assessing our water stocks, Dave and I realised that we only had enough for reduced rations that night and the next morning. If we didn’t get to water the next day we would be in deep shit." Author and botanist PETER LATZ continues his account if adventures in the bush with traditional owners.


Back to the Tanami, with Engineer Jack



"After supper several Aborigines stepped apart from us and ‘talked to the country’– this involved them spreading their arms and loudly exclaiming with statements like, 'Hullo country – sorry we have been away so long – it’s so good to be back'.  A most enlightening custom and one I have since taken up myself." Author and botanist PETER LATZ continues his account of adventures in the bush with traditional owners.


Time in the Gulf country




"Immediately the whole atmosphere changed as they realised that I was not just another ‘city’ whitefellow, and in fact, because he was my 'brother', Johnnie was obliged to tell me all I wanted to know." PETER LATZ, author and botanist, continues his account of adventures in the bush with traditional owners.


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