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Tag: Coroner Greg Cavanagh

Domestic violence: criminal justice system ‘not suitable for purpose’, says Coroner

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Two deaths that were the subject of the recent coronial inquest into “extreme domestic violence” were the tipping point for Coroner Greg Cavanagh. KIERAN FINNANE reports on his findings, handed down this morning.

Coroner refers case back to police and DPP

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"I am of the belief that a crime has been committed" said Coroner Greg Cavanagh of the death from a stab wound of N. McCormack. Meanwhile, NT police will soon be wearing body cameras when attending disturbances and recording could become part of Evidence in Chief.  KIERAN FINNANE reports.

Domestic violence inquest: police investigation examined

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Important evidence against the key suspect in the death of N. McCormack seems to have been compromised. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

Inquest probes reasons for ‘out of control’ domestic violence

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It seems certain that the Coroner will recommend that the case around the death of Kwementyaye McCormack be  re-investigated. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

Repeal 'paperless arrest' law: Coroner

The 'paperless arrest' law impacts disproportionately on Indigenous Territorians, is therefore unfair and should be repealed, Coroner Greg Cavanagh said today in his findings on the death in custody of Kumunjayi Langdon of Yuendumu. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

UPDATED with additional reporting, 17 August 2015.


Mills sidesteps Coroner's recommendation

UPDATE, September 18, 3.30pm:  Shadow Minister for Police Kon Vatskalis has called on the CLP Government to implement Coroner Greg Cavanagh's recommendation regarding reducing the supply of excess alcohol from take away outlets. However, he puts his own gloss on what that would mean: reinstating the Banned Drinker Register ... read more in FULL STORY.


Chief Minister Terry Mills has side-stepped Coroner Greg Cavanagh's recommendation that an urgent meeting of stakeholders be convened in Alice Springs to commit to "all available, reasonable measures to reduce the supply of excess alcohol from take away outlets". As reported yesterday, this was one of two recommendations to government made by the Coroner in handing down his findings from the inquest into the death in custody of Kwemetyaye Briscoe.

Mr Mills' response in a media release focussed on "the need for cultural change within the Northern Territory police force". On the issue of alcohol control, Mr Mills said only that the "Country Liberals will increase the focus on mandatory rehabilitation". KIERAN FINNANE reports.


Briscoe Inquest: reduce supply of excess alcohol from take away outlets, says Coroner

"The NT Police shoulders a huge burden from alcohol sales. They cannot be expected to tackle the social problems that result, in the absence of further initiatives to stop the flow of alcohol in the community." – Coroner Greg Cavanagh, Kwementyaye Briscoe Inquest.


Less than one month after taking power and ushering in a new era of Territorians taking "individual responsibility" for their drinking, the Mills CLP Government has been called upon by the Coroner to urgently convene a stakeholder meeting in Alice Springs to commit to "all available, reasonable measures to reduce the supply of excess alcohol from take away outlets". This is one of two recommendations to the government arising from the inquest into the death in custody of Kwementyaye Briscoe, who died in the Alice Springs Watch House on January 4 this year. Coroner Greg Cavanagh handed down his findings today. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

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