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Terrible child protection statistics: Finocchiaro

Estimates told 12 staff have more than 80 cases to manage each, writes LIA FINOCCHIARO, Deputy Leader of the Opposition.

Jacinta Price: talking about Aboriginal people but not for them?

p2515 Jacinta Price rally wide SM


Jacinta Price is squarely aiming her campaign on child protection at Aboriginal people and says she has "a lot of support from the Aboriginal community" but this was not in evidence at her recent rally. KIERAN FINNANE reports, including on expert analysis of elevated STI rates amongst young Aboriginal people.

Chansey Paech to Jacinta Price: 'Finger pointing must stop'

p2405 Chansey Paech SMp2343-Jacinta-Price-SM


MLA Chansey Paech has responded in the Legislative Assembly to Jacinta Price's sweeping attack on Aboriginal politicians  that they are ignoring the urgent issues of child protection.

Bridging gap between council and coalface: John Adams

p2474 John Adams SM



With a background in social services as long as your arm, candidate John Adams could bring useful understandings and relationships to perennial council debates. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

Elferink and Gooda clash over underage marriage

p2456 NTRC Gooda SMp2456 NTRC Elferink SM



Commissioner Mick Gooda says  “not once" have Aboriginal communities raised  "underage marriage” as a problem, but did he ask, challenged former Minister for Families and Children John Elferink, whose concern is backed by Jacinta Price. KIERAN FINNANE reports.


UPDATED, 30 June 2017, 11.40am.

'If you treat youth like animals …'

p2422 NTRC welcome SM



... you won't get safer communities. In a nutshell, that is what the Royal Commission can conclude after its first eight months.  KIERAN FINNANE reports.

Youths in trouble, troubled youths



With the Northern Territory’s child protection and youth justice systems under the spotlight KIERAN FINNANE spends some time in the Alice Springs Youth Justice Court, one link in the chain.

Major reforms underway in youth justice, child protection




"If we just keep locking kids up, we just keep growing the business of locking kids up," says newly appointed Deputy CEO of Territory Families, Jeanette Kerr.


Interview by KIERAN FINNANE.

Top female police officer takes new role

p2347 Jeanette Kerr SM



The role, in Territory Families, brings together domestic violence, child protection and youth justice under one coordinated umbrella.

Bashings, break-ins, robberies, car thefts: teen girls guilty



On one side of the ledger, victims, women in the main and girls, punched, kicked, pulled by the hair, beaten with sticks, threatened, terrorised, robbed. On the other side, perpetrators, all girls, and in many ways victims too. In four out of five cases, neglect by their families substantially contributed to their offending. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

UPDATED, March 9, 2016, 9.05am. 

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