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National gallery site: Elders may have the answer

EXCLUSIVE by ERWIN CHLANDA Two of the town’s most senior traditional owners, Felicity Hayes and Peter “Coco” Wallace, have joined the heated debate about the...

DIY art funding

Over 20 years Franca Barraclough has made an outstanding contribution to the arts community in Alice Springs. She's got the images for her new work in the can. Now she's inviting the public to help fund making them really big. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

The beauty of things around us, every day

2548 Lost & Found 1 SM



Lost & Found joins the fascination with things that are neither new nor expensive. ERWIN CHLANDA went to the opening last night.

Rock art




What do you think? Photo by Mark Pickthall.


2016 the year of fun, Made in Alice




Make 2016 your year to get involved in your local arts scene, go to shows, watch plays, listen to community radio, support your friends and your neighbours and just get amongst it, writes LAURIE MAY (pictured).


New guide to tracking down the arts of The Centre




27 operators are part of a project which incorporates four separate art trails across Central Australia and the Barkly, writes Adam Giles, Chief Minister of the Northern Territory and Minister for Tourism.


Spoof, irony, angst and affection in Souvenir show

     In colloquial speech, to souvenir something means
to steal it. This is the drift of some of the objects created for
Souvenir, an exhibition at Watch This Space, the Space's show for the
Alice Desert Festival. It "explores the wilds of central Australia via
the imagery of keepsake". KIERAN FINNANE reviews.

Pictured above: Shaken, Rattled and Rolled by Jane Leonard – souvenirs of life-changing moments instead of geographical places.

Slideshow: Alice Springs – Bleeding Heart
Central, detail of map by  Franca Barraclough and  Beth
Sometimes • Cultural AppropriApron by Hannah-May Caspar • The Sorry
Souvenir Phenomenon, detail, by Beth Sometimes • Toile de jouy – The
fabric of life, detail, by Mel Darr • Littel Well by Jane Young • "I've
been to Alice Springs but I've never been to me" by Jane Leonard
• Shaken, Rattled and Rolled by Jane Leonard • A Keepsake for the
Local by Kim Webeck • No Snow Dome – The East Side Pole (left) and No
Snow Dome – Flynn's Grave, both by Dan Murphy.

Arts ambush



Curious tourists, mothers with prams and workers on their lunch break
walking down the Todd Mall yesterday were unexpectedly joined by three
silent, bright eyed, pale clothed, ‘other-old-worldly’ strangers.

This was the Post Family performance, the third of the ‘Happenings’
in this year’s Alice Desert Festival. As we all know, the Festival
features a vibrant program celebrating artists, dancers, actors and
musicians from Central Australia – besides a selection of what I’m told
are Australia’s hottest acts. Pictured are The Post Family trying to figure out Todd Mall. Photo by OLIVER ECLIPSE.

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