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Get tough with unruly students: Former Yirara staff



A former Yirara staff member says double standards applied by management to the 14 house parents often causes bad blood. By ERWIN CHLANDA. IMAGE from the Yirara College website.


No room on plane for local Member



It was mean-spirited of the Chief Minister Adam Giles to refuse me a seat on his taxpayer-funded charter flight to my home town of Tennant Creek to attend the commencement of the re-enactment of the Borella Ride, writes Gerry McCarthy, Member for Barkly.

Bring back first home grant: Real estate agent




A prominent Alice Springs real estate agent, Justin O'Brien (pictured), says the NT Government should reinstate the first home owners grant for existing homes. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Yirara: Rebellion and failure or meeting a challenge?



Two teachers who worked at Yirara last year gave an alarming account of students' behaviour and poor results to Editor ERWIN CHLANDA for an exclusive report. It also looks at the effect of the scandalously inadequate primary school education many students receive in the bush before they are sent to the residential college in Alice Springs.


Neglected past to get a bright future




Living in a sanctuary amongst sculptures by one of your favourite artists sounds idyllic for any art and nature fan, but the challenges in one mysterious corner of Alice Springs are anything but. ANDREA JOHNSTON reports from the Pitchi Richi sanctuary.


Searching for Kurlpulunu



"Engineer Jack he told us that the plant played a big part in Yapa mythology and that the dreaming connected to it involved a big bird (“as big as an aeroplane”) that caused the death of dingoes." PETER LATZ, author and botanist, continues his account of adventures in the bush with traditional owners.

Police raid third drug lab in Alice suburb




Police say they discovered an "active illicit drug laboratory" when they raided a residential property in Gillen yesterday. PHOTO supplied by police. SEE UPDATE Thursday 2:30pm.


Real estate market 'crashing and burning'


The real estate market is "crashing and burning" at least in part because of the NT Government's restriction of its grants for new home buyers to new dwellings. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. ABOVE: A scene from the boom times.


Being with Uluru: a God inside



"A meditative and mindful experience is about being in the moment, aware of the surroundings but not being judgemental about them." It may be a new way of travel, reports I-LING CHEN, a PhD Candidate at the University of Queensland (pictured).


Present pollies not a patch on past




Past politicians' standards of behaviour and intellect were far superior to anything we see today, and their achievements vastly more outstanding, writes ALEX NELSON. PHOTO by him: Former Senator Bernie Kilgariff.


Third rapist of European tourists: 15-page criminal history at age 20

Bruce Impu, the third offender, pleaded guilty today to his part in the rape of two European tourists in May 2012. At the age of just 20 he has a 15-page criminal history. KIERAN FINNANE reports from the Supreme Court.

Current political upheaval mirrors the past



One fact that stands out from all the controversy swirling around Territory politics at present is just how closely it echoes the events of a quarter century ago that almost unravelled the CLP in the 1980s. ALEX NELSON comments. He is pictured when he was chosen as the CLP Member of the Year in August 1990.

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